What Are Rocksteady Up To?

Matt writes: "Before 2009 there were two absolute certainties, Rocksteady Studios were unknown and superhero video games were bad… like really bad."

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Alek8331d ago

Arkham Universe? Sounds interesting.

DreadGara31d ago

They are upto Arkham Give it a rest.

UltraNova31d ago

They nees to give Batman a rest. Really they should.

As for Rocksteady, they have the talent thats for sure so I hole they choose their next project and not forced to do it. If they actually did choose their next game then count me in day 1.

thatguyhayat31d ago

Time another dc to get the spotlight. The way batman arkham knight ended i dont see what else they can do

PhantomS4231d ago

I'd love to see what they can do with their own ideas and freedom.

stefan_77131d ago

They could do another prequel. That's what I'm hoping for. Something to connect Origins with Asylum

jc1231d ago

Probably Batman part 47.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi31d ago

Hopefully it's Superman. Hopefully it's as good as Spider-Man. Hopefully it's not too dark. And hopefully it kicks off the DC video game universe.

I honestly don't get why dc is so obsessed with dark and gritty. It clearly isn't working.

gangsta_red31d ago

Agreed on all fronts.

DC really has to let their other properties shine. Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern all have the makings for a great video game.

It's time to give Batman a rest.

TheOtherMoon31d ago

I slightly (only slightly) disagree - yes the movies/universe they are attempting to make are not working, and I believe the tone of their movies is not the cause. Character development/cohesion are a huge issue for DC/WB right now. They were wrapping up Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, meanwhile Marvel was already introducing us to the Avengers (which was a 4 year journey). DC tried to play catch-up and nothing was really ever fleshed out.

It would be really neat if they made a DC Gaming Universe. The Arkham Trilogy is well-made, and Bruce/Batmans story is really engaging. One of my favorite character lines of all-time, in any movie, show, game, etc. Is Bruce in Arkham City when he says "Strange knows Batman is Bruce Wayne." -- it is moments like that that help an audience delve deeper into a character; something the DC Movie Universe has failed to do.

milohighclub31d ago

Nah the dark and gritty was working and still can.
You want it to be happy with flowers n butterflies, Marvels the one for you..

Batman Arkham, nolan trilogy, man of steel all dark and gritty and worked.
Batmam vs superman would have worked if it wasn't ruined by a few scenes... Justice league was so shite due to them trying to have a light hearted tone.

Dc characters work best dark, marvel work best light.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi30d ago

I wouldn't say Man of steel was dark and gritty. It was just more real. And I like Man of steel. Justice League was garbage because it wasn't a real sequel and because of how bad Batman was in that movie. Batman is the only one that being dark works for. He is the dark knight after all.

paintedgamer198431d ago

Hopefully by E3 2019 we will find out. Id rather a new i.p. than another Batman.

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The story is too old to be commented.