NeoGeo Mini International now available

The NeoGeo Mini International has been released in the North American region.

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darthv7299d ago

I understand it has its flaws but I will still buy one for the novelty, like i did with the Neo X a few years back.

Wotbot98d ago

Nice but it needed more than the 40 games listed, a bit on the pricy side

Sgt_Slaughter98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

A few things to be aware of:

- Joystick has no microswitches, same with the mini pad. Also it's very short and hard to control correctly.
- Screen is not high quality, even for the size. Games appear fuzzy when output through HDMI as well. Switch Neo-Geo titles look better than this, and compared to NES/SNES Classic video quality the Mini is pretty bad.
- Build quality is so-so at best, it feels cheaper than a mini arcade machine should.
- Button layout is not the same as the original systems so it can be awkward to use if you're used to it or make certain games harder to control.
- Powered by USB-C but doesn't include a wall adaptor, and there is ZERO option for batteries. Big oversight for a system that is "on the go".

Overall, this to me is overpriced and doesn't match NEOGEO quality from the original systems and the original company. This feels more akin to the "new" Atari who pump out plug and play systems every year it seems.

gangsta_red98d ago

There's just too many things wrong with this mini.

Segata98d ago

Switch is a better Neo Geo Mini than this. Portable but also hooks up to the big screen. Games are in HD unlike this thing.

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