8 Characters We Would Like to See in Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2

Now that Cooler and Android 17 are out for Dragon Ball FighterZ, Season 1 is officially done. And although a second season has not yet been officially confirmed, the game’s massive success would indicate that Bandai Namco will continue working on it moving forward. There’s a slew of Dragon Ball characters that could theoretically make the cut – but these are the ones we are most excited about.

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Tetsujin28d ago

If I remember there's already some sort of Season 2 leak from a former employee, and some of who they mention is already confirmed. I'll take Grandpa Gohan as a potential candidate.

SegaGamer28d ago

Laughable that people are even asking for a SECOND SEASON PASS!!

Gamers get at EA for their microtransactions rubbish, but this is just as bad. A second season pass? why not just include more stuff in the already massive ripoff that is the first season pass?

Gamers are idiots, sorry but they are.

wonderfulmonkeyman28d ago

Put Link into the Switch version.
His powered-up state can be Fierce Deity Link.XD

ChrisW27d ago

#1 = dumb
#2 = horrible
#3 = seriously?!?!
#4 = sucks
#5 = errr...
#6 = retarded
#7 = shouldn't even be in the DBZ lore
#8 = nope! absolutely n-o-p-e!!!

SinisterKieran27d ago

give me more fusions!!!
seriously i love fantasy fusions.