What Could Have Made Dragon Quest XI Better

Enricko: "I recently made a review on the 11th entry in the Dragon Quest franchise, and the majority weren’t particularly happy with my final score. I don’t plan on retracting any of my statements as what I wrote is exactly how I feel about the game. So here’s what I think that could have been done to make Dragon Quest XI a much more enjoyable experience."

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Alek83100d ago

While I don't agree with the original review, this does explain a few things.

-Foxtrot100d ago

Main character voice acting for starters

SegaGamer100d ago

It's the only thing I would change. I have never been a fan of the main character not speaking in games, it's stupid and makes no sense.

-Foxtrot100d ago

When you have a world which talks to you in the way it does it's silly when your character, who is super important to the plot just stands there silently and maybe says something but you can't here him. In the end other characters talk for you and explain what you should be explaining and it comes off super cheap, making your character feel less important as he's being made out to be small.

Zeldafan64100d ago

Just like in Breath of the Wild I have no problems with the main character not speaking. Can't wait for this to come to the Switch.

Outlawzz100d ago

Yup I wish we could do away with silent protagonists in story based games. It makes telling a compelling story much harder and you can't really invest in the characters as much.

notachance100d ago

and the battle music... god, at least play some sick guitars or something, it feels like I went back to the 80s

Quatron100d ago

What are you, a fucking moron? This is what makes Dragon Quest. Go somewhere the hell else, cause clearly you don't play these games.

notachance100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

pfft, I played almost all the Dragon Quest I can even give you detailed stories of them right here and now, doesn't mean I have blind devotion and no interest in making them a better series like some dumb elitist like you.

parris100d ago

"it feels like I went back to the 80s"

I think you just gave the game the ultimate compliment.

Teflon02100d ago

Don't know what you want from the battle music but I do agree with it being extremely generic. I get the whole dragon quest style but all the music in this game basically sounds the same. Atleast use some different rhythms that are unique even if you want to sample the same sounds all the time.

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Lovable100d ago

Worked pretty well in P5

Quatron100d ago

So? Doesn't mean it will work everywhere else with completely different situations.

gangsta_red100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

I actually wish the main protagonist talked in P5. It really made no sense that he didn't especially since he says something at the very end of the game and in the anime.

Quatron100d ago

Go to Final Fantasy then.

pietro1212100d ago

Zeldafan64 Breath of the Wild barely had a story to it and the way it was told was really lazy.

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capjacksparrow100d ago

I'm enjoying it so far, but some of the voice acting is cringe-worthy. Mechanics are solid, reminiscent of DQ8, one of my favorite JRPGs (for obvious reasons).

xXxSeTTriPxXx100d ago

All love the game, im already 120hrs in but the soundtrack, man they could've did a way better job.

Lovable100d ago

This is a pretty good and valid reasons

Quatron100d ago

If you want everything to be the same like causal like to.

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