Forza Horizon 4: It’s Unbeatable

FanBolt writes: "It’s time to talk about my slow progression through Forza Horizon 4. Slow? Yes! Slow, because I’m playing entirely on Unbeatable difficulty, meaning more often than not I’m finding myself restarting multiple times before I put together those perfect drives to claim first place on the highest difficulty possible."

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Kribwalker99d ago

It is an unbeatable racing experience. The sheer variety alone makes this game a great experience for racing fans of all kinds. The gameplay is crisp, the graphics are amazing, the amount of things to do are endless.
Not since burnout paradise have i been this sucked in to a racing game, i’ve put in 31hrs in the 2 weeks since release and i’ve barely scratched the surface. The games amazing and any racing fan should give it a go. Feels like it’s more deserving than the 92 Meta it’s sitting at right now. Great job Playground

lxeasy99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Yeah this game is an absolute master piece. This is one of the best if not the best racing games ever created.

darthv7299d ago

you can clearly see the experience that bizarre creations, criterion, codemasters and even sony liverpool all together in this game. I'm glad they joined forces to make playground games. Wish that evolution was part of the team and maybe they could make a full offroad spin-off of this in the vein of motorstorm.

Gaming4Life198198d ago

Yea I also said this is one of the best racers ever but after 30 hours in, it might be the best racing game ever.

jonivtec98d ago

We are not even talking about the absolutly perfect pc optimization....the game works flawlessly on my machine and HDR is great

JaguarEvolved99d ago

It's a good game but I wonder since its such an amazing game and it's unbeatable if they'll make Forza horizon 5.

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Bruh99d ago

Who so many disagrees? Its universally recognized as one of the best games out

rainslacker99d ago

Some of it is because it's Krib. He has a penchant for overstating things MS, downplaying Sony, and sounding more like a marketing personality.

Not that I disagree with him here, and even gave him an agree, although I haven't been that sucked into it yet, I have enjoyed what short time I've been able to put into it since we got it at work. I'll probably get more into it when I pick it up this week or next.

Eidolon98d ago

One of the best racing games, maybe. This month, sure.

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dumahim98d ago

I dunno. It feels a bit less full compared to previous Horizon games. I think I have 30 some hours in to it as well and the only thing I have left is to 3 star some drift zones. If it was for the grinding of skill points and the need to grind road races to unlock Goliath, I would have been done already.

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AngainorG7X99d ago

It is unbeatable and majestic

cfc8399d ago

If anything is better than fh4, it could possibly be fh3. I'm thinking maybe fh3 had a better setting, but either way fh4 is a fun game.

Immorals99d ago

Gotta disagree there. I enjoyed FH3, but the setting was the worst in the series.

FH4s setting plus the 4 different seasons makes it the best

Blade9298d ago

Nope sorry FH3 had the best setting and showcases imo. Those beautiful lush jungles and green scenery with the waterfall, sandy beaches, small cozy coastal towns, beautiful city right near the coast, ship graveyard (if I remember exactly), beautiful desert, gorgeous open valleys. Sorry but FH4 settings don't compare to 3 imo.

Dani_i8975d ago

No way it was the worst. It was the most vibrant and diverse. Britain is really nice, however each area in 3 felt totally different from the last. Can't imagine them beating that setting.

BenRC0199d ago

Much preferred 3, adding snow and leaves doesn't change the fact it's all very similar looking.

Elit3Nick98d ago

Australia was pretty, but it was so flat and boring to drive across. Britain has so much verticality and tight sections of road and dirt across the entire map.

mark_parch98d ago

the biggest improvement in 4 is the verticality. horizon 3 was so flat and it really didn't matter what car you were in, even taking hyper cars off road. horizon 4 is much more fun driving up mountains and actually having to pick the right car depending on the race and then seasons throws in even more variety. the one thing I'm slightly disappointed with is online adventure. it definitely loaded quicker in horizon 3 and I prefer the option to play solo online adventure rather than team as I always seem to get a shit team. also preferred the voting system in 3

shloobmm398d ago

No way, FH 3 was lacking what FH2 had when it came to the location and FH4 has found it again. Massive step up.

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