Insomniac Games Speaks About Plans for Stormland

Chad Dezern, Chief Creative Officer of Insomniac Games speaks about the inspiration behind Stormland.

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capjacksparrow34d ago

I'm surprised Insomniac haven't done much with Sony and PSVR considering their history together. I guess they're more interested in power, which is cool, but I'd definitely support Insomniac on PSVR.

sampsonon34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

none of their VR games can touch Sony's vr games. Astro Bot and Firewall Zero Hour are stellar games. Sony doesn't need them.

Leeroyw34d ago

I love both those games but I wouldn't say no to an insomniac game. Why would Sony?

Casepb34d ago

I dunno man if I only had a PS VR I would be super jelly I wasn't getting Stormland. While I don't give a damn about Astro Bot. No idea what Firewall Zero even is.

capjacksparrow34d ago

I didn't say Sony doesn't have quality games, I'm just wondering why Insomniac isn't supporting their platform. The combination of a successful partnership with Sony and the fact that the PSVR has the highest install base seemed like it would be a no-brainer.

execution1734d ago

@Casepb Firewall Zero Hour is best described as a VR version of rainbow six siege or something similar

sampsonon33d ago

@Leeroyw: I'm not saying Insomniac Games shouldn't make a game for psvr, I'm sayng that Sony as a company doesn't need them to make a vr game for them because Sony is doing it already. and if you don't know what Firewall Zero Hour is @Casepb then you are missing perhaps the best MP online VR game.

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jukins34d ago

Well their first vr game was like a test and they probably didn't want to invest too much with vr being somewhat niche to develop on an entirely different platform. and I think storm land may be too ambitious for psvr it . I mean it looks amazing but not only that the lack of analog sticks on move controllers probably hurts as well.

blacktiger32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Spiderman game we got instead

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