Top 10 Original Xbox Games We Want To See Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

While waiting for the next batch of backwards compatible games, GCP came up with a list of 10 original Xbox Games they still want to see become backwards compatible on Xbox One.

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marioJP872108d ago

Original ninja gaiden for me. The very first one release.

darthv722107d ago

Is there a reason you don't want to play Ninja Gaiden: Black as that is the first game but improved and is already on the XBO bc list.

Immorals2108d ago

Mechassault 2 with online servers pls

paintedgamer19842108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Where in the F is Spliter Cell MS!

They have at least 10 games from the og xbox/360 gen that would make excellent xb1/scarlett games. MS just dont like making sequels unless its Halo, Gears, Forza, and recently Ori/State of Decay.

Sciurus_vulgaris2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

MS doesn't even own the Splinter Cell IP, you should be directing your first statement towards Ubisoft.

Concertoine2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Fatal Frame 1 and 2
Splinter cell games
Silent hill 4
Gun valkyrie
Outrun 2

So many good OG xbox games

iNcRiMiNaTi2108d ago

I'd be happy with the Otogi games, brute force and conflict desert storm. Maybe some full spectrum warrior too

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A Look Back at the Best Marvel Games on the PS2

If you've always wanted to be a hero, it's too late. Luckily, you can be on the other side. On the PS2 that is.

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Einhander19721d 16h ago (Edited 1d 16h ago )

I wouldn't be at all surprised to see many of these games return on PS+.

shinoff218322h ago(Edited 22h ago)

I wish they'd re release those ultimate alliance games. I'd buy both of them. I missed them on ps4 unfortunately. If only they'd have released them physically

ChasterMies18h ago

Is this a list of the best marvel games on PS2 or a list of all the marvel games on PS2?

QuantumMechanic17h ago

I'd say neither; it's a partial list of some of the PS2 games, with mixed quality.

P_Bomb12h ago

I’ve owned almost all these, lol! Still have a handful on disc. Good times.

chicken_in_the_corn10h ago

I've always wanted to play The Punisher

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Games That Took An Absolutely Bizzare Turn In Their Narrative

Some titles out there focus on introducing a bizarre turn in their narrative. Check out this list for some solid recommendations for those.

Inverno22d ago

"INSIDE" was bloody amazing, and I miss Uncharted's sci-fi and paranormal aspects greatly.

TricksterArrow22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

TBH, 3 and 4 still have them, but they are heavily implied, which can be terrifying the more you think about it, but it is admittedly, much less scary and less interesting gameplay-wise than what 1 and 2 have done.