Starlink: Battle For Atlas Is The Greatest Star Fox Game Never Made | Okay, Cool's Review

Okay, Cool's Riley Little writes "Star Fox is window dressing in a massive space game bursting with personality and fun."

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ifinitygamer55d ago

Ugh, unbelievable how badly I want this game.

GnarleySquid55d ago

It's pretty great. The digital version means you can play it without the toys too, if you'd like to avoid the clutter.

rainslacker54d ago

I don't mind the clutter, but the premise of the toys seems silly and kind of childish. Plus, they don't look terribly well made, and I don't see them as very collectible.

I assume if I buy physical, that I can also play without using them.

sirultimos55d ago

I was on the fence, but every time I see something new it looks better and better.

EddieNX 55d ago

I don't know if I want this or not. Hmmmm

Donnie8155d ago

This actually looks really cool.

wonderfulmonkeyman55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I'm getting it a few hours early; gamestop is doing a 9pm release today, instead of waiting until the 16th. :P
Also, add a ps4 tag to this story; it's coming to that system too, after all, despite no Fox. [Though word is, Star Tail will be a pilot for it on other versions. Would be cool to see Ratchet&Clank or Jack&Daxter on the PS4 version someday, and ofc Master Chief on the XB1]