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Neonridr96d ago

nice.. shame they didn't do anything with the joycons.

Geobros96d ago

Nice remark. The bundle is really beautiful anyway, I hope to sell well.

Neonridr96d ago

I like that they are putting a little bit of effort in these bundles, not just releasing a generic grey switch with the game and that's it. At least the dock and the back of the Switch has some cool designs on it :)

Shiken96d ago

Nintendo is going hard with the bundles this holiday!

EddieNX 96d ago

We had portable diablo 3 in 2012?

King_Noctis96d ago

Isn’t that great? A good game is timeless.

Oh wait, a troll. Never mind.

zombiewombie96d ago

Switch bundles are so underwhelming. How about adding something to the console itself instead of slapping some decals on the dock?

Shiken95d ago

The back of the Switch itself is decaled and you get a limited edition carrying case. Did you even read what all it had?

Uglyday96d ago

Bland. I need a new switch and all they have is bland grey crap. The joycons are blank. They could have at the minimum put the class icons on them or any other cool icon designs Diablo has. Exclusive in game pet or koopa wings? If the carry case is exclusive I might still get it but otherwise this is crap.

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