Epic Games sues famous YouTubers for using and selling Fortnite cheats

Bad news for all the YouTubers who is selling or using Fortnite cheats.

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Gwiz98d ago

This would definitely explain why some situations didn't make sense while playing.

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playnice96d ago

Can't feel sorry for you... I don't condone cheaters and then on top of it you advertise and sell it!? SMH

ravinash96d ago

How dumb can you get.
Cheating and then broadcasting it all over the internet and then trying to profit from it on top of that.

kneon96d ago

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”

― Albert Einstein

TheDriz96d ago

As they should. Cheating runs people off and ruins games. Plus I bet they excepted an end user agreement when deciding to play fortnite and I bet this is in the agreement.

rainslacker96d ago

If its like the last case, they're suing based on the copyright claim against videos where they demonstrate the cheats.

I dunno if they can sue for selling the cheat itself. The cheat would have to circumvent and use copyrighted code for that.

They can sue if the user they're suing repeatedly violated the terms of service and kept playing even after being told not to, or being banned.

TheDriz96d ago

For sure that makes more sense. Thank you for bringing more knowledge to the situation. See that’s how you comment folks.

Cobra95196d ago

I still find it disturbing that cheaters are now getting sued instead of just banned. That's a sea change, which I'm sure is about protecting monetization, revenue streams from online play. Not to condone cheaters (I don't), but I think the AAA game industry has now fully moved into a business model I can't condone either, and which I will never support with my wallet.

rainslacker95d ago

The ones being sued are promoting cheat tools though. They're actively making it more difficult to get rid of cheaters, because others are finding ways to cheat a lot easier.

Typically, with some things like this, it's easier to go after the source, than to target each person individually.

Marcello96d ago

Who are these saddo`s that buy cheats ??

Agent_00_Revan96d ago

People that are not far off from the people that hire Fortnite tutors for their kids @$20/hr.

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The story is too old to be commented.