Star Citizen raises more than $1 million in four days following alpha 3.3 test release

It's raised nearly $200 million in total.

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UltraNova100d ago

SC...the game with no release date that keeps taking.

Skull52199d ago

The DB Cooper story of the digital age.

fluxmulder99d ago

This money spike coincided with Citizencon, their yearly superfan event. It's mostly the sunk cost whales giving them money at this point. And as usual we have to take their word for it, there's no way to verify the actual amount.

SolidGamerX100d ago

The donating fan base for this game must be brainwashed cultists, at this point Star Citizen is worse then Scientology.

moralsup100d ago

They just want the game they've always dreamed of.

And, worse then scientology? you're delusional.

PapaBop100d ago

Yeah the game they dreamed of is always a digital item the price of a console away.

The game has now been in alpha for how many years? We'll see Half Life 3 before this gets a full release.

SolidGamerX99d ago

No the delusional people are the ones donating endless amounts of money on this scam and people like you who defend them.

NewUser10199d ago

Delusional? Try idiotic bullies. The people in these comments are way worse than any Star Citizen supporter could ever dream of being lol.

UCForce99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

It’s not delusional. And @NewUser101 Really ? People have right to complain about this. You blindly defending this game and it’s not helpful.

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ShadowWolf712100d ago

They sure do show up to defend it with the company's PR points like one. Yeesh.

I get defending what you like but these dudes are scary coordinated.

Sieden99d ago

Or, maybe its a community of gamers who enjoy the game in its early access state? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

HaveAsandwich99d ago

I get the comparison, but worse than Scientology?.....

NewUser10199d ago (Edited 99d ago )

No, all you haters and shit talkers are the brainwashed cultists. You know nothing about game development, you know nothing about the development of this game, how much is done behind the scenes...YOU'RE THE CULT. Blindly following what others say with no actual perceptions of what's happening or your own original thought. That's a cult.

SolidGamerX99d ago

You don't know anything about game development either so stop trying to use it as an excuse to defend this scam of a game. You should go donate some more money soon so you can get another alpha version of a ship to download.

notachance99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

lmao, you're so deep into this game you're blind to the overall situation concerning it because they kept feeding you update reports to keep you happy

all it takes is a glimpse to see this project was too much for RSI to handle. The game scope is already all over the place. They kept adding shiny new things to the mix without any regards

why even hire so many expensive stars? it's a nice touch but way too expensive for something gamers care little about.
okay, cool, you have included faceware and FOIP technology in the game (seriously though that was cool). but how much money and TIME went into that? you do realise it's gonna be nothing more than a gimmick at the end, right?

it's like they don't have people who can keep the scope within reason and kept getting distracted by every new thing they found. I just hope they can get the base content finished before people get fed up and suddenly they found themselves run out of money, or worse, mismanagement causing sudden cancellation like what happened at Telltale games.

rainslacker99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Touch a nerve did he?

Aren't you the one who said I was clueless on game development, despite my rather apparent and knowledgeable comments from almost the past decade on here which make it apparent that I know a thing or two because I work in said industry?

Sorry, but an alpha that goes on for years, and new features being added before they even release what they promised the original backers, all while having some supremely expensive "micro" transactions. No campaign to play. No fully fleshed out game to play on the original scope they promised, much less the vast feature creep that they themselves implemented. Just some random implementations of parts of the full game.

What I know about alphas is that they release them on an early version of the game which is mostly complete to test bugs and see what they need to work on. Not as a partial demo to placate the users who they want to keep asking for money from. What exactly do you think an alpha is? At best, I'd call this an early access, but the game is now 4 years delayed.

What they have now isn't an alpha, it's a carrot.

Constantly dangling small additions, showing some great screen shots, and talking about how they're coming along nicely on all these things that weren't even part of the original project, all along with stating how if they just get more money they can do all these great things....and some people just lap it up. Sometimes I'm curious if they just lie about how much money they're making, because its inconceivable to me that they could maintain this revenue paradigm for as long as they have, because while there are suckers out there, eventually people start to become frustrated, and I'd think by now, they'd have lost a lot of these people through mere attrition.

You know what I think would be great? If they completed the game that they got backers to back in 2011. The one they said would be released in 2014. 3 years shows that the scope was nowhere near what it is now. But to be almost the end of 2018, and they don't have a full release? Or haven't shown that they've even close to completing that original promise almost 7 years later. Even based on the original full game they promised, they have maybe 1-2 years of work to make it all happen, and that's if they focus on making that happen.

But...yeah, we're the cult.

But, what would I know right? I'm completely detached from this project. I didn't fund it. I won't fund it. I might buy it when it's complete. I love Wing Commander, and a fan of Roberts past work. I'm obviously bias and clueless, despite offering up actual reasons why people are upset, while you just throw around that others are haters.

SolidGamerX99d ago

"Try idiotic bullies."

Funny cause the only one I see here calling people names and acting like a bully is you.

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OnlyThoseOnTheFence99d ago

You're thinking of Destiny fanboys

TheDriz99d ago

Agreed. I defended them for the longest time but the writing was on the wall when they decided to charge to stream their convention. Its pretty clear its just a cash grab. I'm not saying a full game will never come out but it will be a huge let down for sure.

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thejigisup100d ago

This game will definitely not be pay to win.

jznrpg100d ago

The beta will start in 8 years

UltraNova100d ago

Wait, when did the alpha release?

Cmv38100d ago

From an economic standpoint, there's zero reason for this game to ever release.

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