BGS 2018: Dreams shows an incredible amount of creative potential | Entertainium

"What Dreams lacked in showing of its creation suite it more than made up by the sheer amount of variety with the custom games that I played in the demo that was on display at the BGS Sony show floor." - Eduardo Reboucas, Entertainium

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ibrake4naps95d ago

this looks to be the best game ever for the gamer's outlet for creativity. Can't wait to give it a spin!

edureboucas95d ago

Same here, feels like these creation games are getting better with each new iteration!

Jinger95d ago

Looking forward to this. Got into Project Spark with a full idea of an action platformers, but was limited by its lack of tools. So I'm hoping I can make it in Dreams.

edureboucas95d ago

Yeah, that's the main thing I wanted to see in this demo, the tools. I'm very curious in trying them out in the future! LBP had tons of good games too.