‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Originally Had More Sinister Six Missions and Fights

PlayStation 4 exclusive, Marvel's Spider-Man originally featured more Sinister Six missions and fights during the game's final act, Creative Director Bryan Intihar has revealed.

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-Foxtrot97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

What? Are they kidding, each member should have had their own unique missions and final boss fight which required a certain suit

“and to avoid the fights from feeling like "fluff."

I’d have preferred that then catching pigeons or worrying about the environment for Harry. Wasn’t that “fluff” in the end?

Nitrowolf297d ago

I really wish that after they break out and you beat them (and the game) that the villains would from time to time break out of prison and give you unique random encounters.

Like rhino rushing down a street with vehicles on fire, almost have to go on a chase. Or vulture flying in as you swing around doing ur normal exploration.

This, and as an added bonus could have some sort of time/score keeper for them to add even more of a challenge

I love this game so much, but do feel that the villains could have had more encounters

-Foxtrot97d ago

Oh yeah I love the game but I just found some choices to be...annoying.

Like I've said before you have all these side missions like collecting backpacks, catching pigeons, doing environmental things for Harry but somehow having the big villains, the Sinister f***** Six get an individual mission for each character is somehow "fluff". It doesn't make sense to me, they are a well known villain group with a recognisable name yet they felt rushed along. Honestly it should have just been Martin Li and Doc Oct for this game and have the Sinister Six be the villains in the next game with the original Sinister Six line up. If Doc Oct was sent to the RAFT at the end of this game then he'd end up meeting the other villains and created the group there instead where the second games intro would be a prison break. Not to mention for side missions I wanted it to be like Batman Arkham City where the side missions lead into lesser known villains who are using the main story plot as a way to create their own havoc on the city.

Then you have characters such as Daredevil, Punisher, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and the like who are missing despite the fact in the third Act when you have the prison escape the city has turned to shit...surely they could have had missions where the Hells Kitchen region has missions with Daredevil, Harlem has Luke Cage, the Financial District has Rand Industries with Iron Fist and so on...hell even random encounters with the Punisher killing prisoners and you have to talk him down.

They will need to explain where everyone was in the next game, I can understand the Avengers being "out of town" but street level heroes...come on. Hell I had a random crime mission which was almost directly outside Doctor Strange's sanctum.

It's like Spiderman is in this huge Universe with all these other heroes who exist and are hinted at with Easter eggs yet with the way the plot went the Universe felt closed like Spiderman was the only hero in New York.

Maybe they should have reconsidered Act 3 and the city being hit with overrun villains, silver sable setting up some kind of police state and also having a deadly like virus least for the first game anyway.

Spurg97d ago

I just beat Spiderman a few hours ago and it had the easiest final boss ever. I didn't mind the bosses as I'm quite familiar with them having read and played previous spiderman games and comics but this is what insomniac got wrong. If I didn't know about Rhino, Scorpio, Shocker and electro I would have been tremendously disappointed. The bosses didn't make me think or strategize, they were interesting but way too easy. They decided to go for a more cinematic route than having a coherent forward-thinking boss fight. Say what you will about Arkham knights batmobile boss fights they at least didn't treat you like you when an infant with a controller.

Nitrowolf297d ago

********Side mission boss Spoiler*********

Is it odd that out of all the villains in the game, to me I thought tombstone was one of the far better fights despite essentially being a buff thug.

TekoIie97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

"I just beat Spiderman a few hours ago and it had the easiest final boss ever."

I mean the game was easy period. It's like my one major criticism outside 90% of the side missions feeling like fetch quests or being padded in some way.

Silly gameAr97d ago ShowReplies(1)
AspiringProGenji97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Arkham Knight bosses didn’t have any strategy either. These games aren’t RTS games.. they are superhero action games.

Spurg97d ago

You had to think about how you go about fighting a boss in Arkham games. Spiderman on the other hand, doesn't quite do that as it favours a more cinematic feel.
If by strategy, you thought I meant RTS then you may need to adjust your thinking./s
Although it's an action game you are still tested on how agile you are and easily you can dispatch the enemies using the tools at your disposal.

AspiringProGenji97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Lol No! There’s no strategy in fighting Deathtroke or any of the side boses, or the Arkham Knight himself. You just do what you been doing in the game all the time: either sneak up or beat them up. Something you can do in spiderman as well. There’s no strategy in any of that.

Christopher96d ago

The final boss fight was easy, but I can't say that 'none of the boss fights involved strategy' considering the two duo boss fights did actually have it. They were the best boss fights in the game, IMHO, and they did a good, though repetitive, job of combining two enemies at once. I do wish there was more variety, but it wasn't lacking in strategy at all. Just repetitive. I found, for example, the Hades GoW3 boss fight way easier than those fights. And that game was praised for its boss fights and the difficulty being 'just right'.

96d ago
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Tross97d ago

Sweet! Pity we didn't get those. Oh well, I'm satisfied with what we got, and am looking forward to the DLC.

Count_Bakula97d ago

Loved the game. My only criticism would be that there aren't enough villain missions. I get Spidey is all about helping New York, but I liked Arkham's thing where almost every side mission is villain-related. I wanted Mysterio missions, Chameleon missions, ect.

AK9197d ago

Ya the final chapter of the game felt rushed when it came to the Sinister Six though at least Mr Negative and Dr Octopus had awesome personal boss fights.

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