'Marvel's Spider-Man': 5 Villains We Expect To See In The Sequel

Tyler Fischer of writes: "As you will know, there is a plethora of villains Insomniac Games could tap for future releases, but here are five who we think it is likely to choose."

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Hardiman30d ago

I'd like Norman to make the transition to the Goblin I need the next one. Make him the main baddie and have the Lizard be what Mr Negative was in the first. Have him working for Osborn now and thatbplay into him becoming theizard again. Peter trying to help cure Conner's will play well with the relationship he had with Otto.

Have Harry in the background and that whole situation slowly coming together. Eddie Brock is also in this version because he signed the card Peter got when he left the Bugle. If the want they could have him somehow come into contact with the symbiote I really go with Gargan or Harry.

That will lead to Spidey battling the Lizard and Goblin part two and maybe throw in the Prowler(the Ultimate version who is Miles's uncle) and any other low level baddie to fill out the side stuff.

Have Norman killed or badly beaten and this would lead to part three with Venom as the main bad and maybe Kraven as the second baddie.

-Foxtrot30d ago

I really hope they utilize the villains more in the sequel, when I was doing side missions I expected to see a lesser known villain pop up in the end but the only time that happened was Tombstone and Taskmaster. They had so many opportunities to create side missions including these lesser known characters but didn't and it was just a shame, I mean sure it's nice to have some normal "this guy is missing" or "this girl has been kidnapped" missions but I always expected a surprise twist villain at the end but never got it.

Not to mention for the Sinister Six to be in this I felt like they were quickly dealt with, two being defeated at the same time boss battle wise to save time. Each region on the map should have had a single villain you'd need to defeat.

I pray to god they don't make Harry Venom in this, they could easily have it so at the start of the next game Spiderman is zapped to Earth and he references the Secret Wars he was in, just getting back from it with the Symbiote hitching a ride with him. I want to see it where Norman is trying to make Harry better and accidentally ends up becoming the Green Goblin then in the sequel Harry gets better and tries to avenge his father by becoming the Green Goblin himself or in this Universe the Hobgoblin

Villains I'd want to see...

Meteor Man
Jack O'Lantern
The Tinkerer
Dansen Macabre
Cold Heart
Man Wolf
The Spot
The Beetle
The Spider-Slayers
Molten Man
Morbius the Living Vampire

Agent_00_Revan30d ago

Yea, the double boss fights were cool, but that also meant they ran through 4 of the 6 really fast.

amazinglover30d ago

They should do what the Arkham Series did and have the B and C tier villains for the most part drive the side quest. It would a long way toward fleshing out their version of the spidey verse and provide a better motivation for doing them other than the EXP gains and tokens.

-Foxtrot29d ago

Exactly where I was going with my comment, thank you. Batman’s side missions were great because they had lesser known villains driving them, they didn’t waste anything.

Even collectibles lead up to a boss fight with the Riddler but in this you did Black Cats stuff and she wasn’t even in the main game.

Plus the city in act 3 is in mayhem yet no Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Punisher, Jessica Jones, Misty Knight? I mean come on it felt like Spiderman was the only person who existed with the way the plot went.

Relientk7730d ago

I expect the Green Goblin in the sequel. I would love to see the symbiotes in some future game: Venom, Carnage, etc.

-Foxtrot30d ago

Carnage is the perfect villain for the 3rd game, would be nice to see a trilogy rounded off with him taking centre stage.

30d ago
Einhander197129d ago

Love the game but to many side missions for my liking, could of lengthened the story and concentrated on the bosses more. Chasing pigeons, and toxic fumes, finding back packs. Load of nonsense really to flesh out the game. Why not flesh out the story instead of pandering to the trophy whores, oh look I platinumed the game whoopy doo.

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