Dying Light 2 to Feature Lots of New Parkour Based Moves for Combat, Says Techland

Dying Light 2 Lead Designer Tymon Smektala confirmed that parkour will be greatly improved in the sequel with lots of new moves to be available in combat.

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KaiPow29d ago

I really hope the parkour flows well. There isn't another game on the market like it (well, maybe Mirror's Edge but who knows if EA will make another after Catalyst)

Cybermario29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

cool, really enjoyed the first one, cant wait to see what's new

Smokehouse29d ago

Good article. I was a fan of the first. Using the medieval times archetype in a modern fallen city is a good idea. I like that they admit they didn’t have the expertise to pull that off so the hired somebody who could lol. Techland has had some stinkers but they are growing as a studio and I think people are sleeping on how dynamic this game will be.