Soulcalibur VI is Sexy, Has Incredible Depth and Doesn't Make Any Sense at All | COGconnected

COGconnected: Soulcalibur VI made its appearance at this year's New York Comic-Con, showcasing the newcomers to the series who will definitely leave their marks.

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gangsta_red97d ago

Sexy, depth and doesn't make a lick of sense? Just let me know when?

phoenixwing97d ago

I played the beta and if that's how the game is i don't want any part

Goldenarmz97d ago

The beta was nothing, half the time it was laggy. I wouldnt use that as a gauge of it being good or not.

CorndogBurglar97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Lag can absolutely kill a fighting game...

And I don't think I've played a beta of a game that was laggy and then have the full game release with no lag. Unfortunately, if a game is suffering from lag issues 99% of the time it will always have some type of lag issues.

Goldenarmz97d ago

True, but this was the Network test, so lag was kinda the point of it. No one should have gone in to that beta thinking they were getting to exp the full game.

camoyano198497d ago

if the beta was laggy the game will be laggy. betas dont really change much, that notion of using that argument that it was a beta is really dumb and ignorant. game wont change much from beta.

Flewid63896d ago

No lag doesn't make a crappy fighter better either lol.

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lucian22997d ago

judging the entire game off of a network test is pretty silly.

Goldenarmz97d ago

Fighting games are like porn, no one plays these things for the Story, we play em for the competition and the devastating combos.

LucasRuinedChildhood97d ago

The WB fighting games (Mortal Kombat + Injustice) are a strong exception.

Goldenarmz97d ago

True, but a very small exception, most "Stories" in fighting games are for the most part forgettable. Ive been playing Tekken since 1 and i couldnt begin to tell you what that story is about.

lucian22997d ago

yeaaaaaah but MK and Injustice gameplay is pretty stiff, has bad animations; awkwardly floating combos. It has very strong singleplayer content though which help but it still lacks depth

Flewid63896d ago

MK + Injustice = how all fighting games should treat their lore.

Granted, WB fighters are hard as fuck.....but man the production value is SO good.

Flewid63896d ago

If that were the case, porn wouldn't have categories. There are people who literally need to see some stepmom shit or else they aren't satisfied. lol.

Silly Mammo97d ago

A fighting game doesn't make any sense? Kuma from Tekken says Hello!

DivineAssault 97d ago

My soul still burns. Less than 1 week!!!

Goldenarmz97d ago

Welcome Back To the stage of History!

Cant wait!

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