Metal Gear Solid HD back-compat for Xbox One is the best way to play

Digital Foundry: If there's one game franchise crying out for the full current-gen remastering treatment, it's Metal Gear Solid. The classic MGS titles have remain untouched since 2011's excellent Metal Gear Solid HD collection, with no sign of any Xbox One or PlayStation 4 re-releases - despite the emergence of MGS cutscenes apparently running on the Fox Engine on a Japan-only pachinko machine, of all places. However, there is some good news: the 2011 remaster is now backwards compatible on Xbox One, and as things stand, this is easily the best way to play these brilliant games on modern hardware.

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djsilke451629d ago

They say in the video there are zero enhancements when playing on regular xbox one or the X so......

djsilke451629d ago

@jinger my point is what are you winning? you can play this game on the ps3 or 360 and its the same experience.

Jinger1628d ago

Oh, I mean the fact that my X give me better AA and more solid framerate. Also the fact that I no longer would need to hook up my ps3 or 360 to play it... I don't know, maybe something along those lines?

djsilke451628d ago

remember when Microsoft was saying true 4K no compromises? yeah right don't even try it you are playing 3rd party games that are still struggling to hit 4k at 30 frames. you paid 500 dollars for old tech. and is there a problem with keeping your old systems hooked up to your tv? do you only have two hdmi ports on your vizio or something?

Jinger1628d ago

I only have 2 HDMI ports on my 65" Samsung. Which is reserved for My PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch. Also what does that have to do with anything? I also don't like clutter of having too many systems in my living room, the less things my 20 month old can get into the better.

Seems like you're bitter or something. BC on Xbox One is a good thing, not sure why you're getting so defensive about it.

djsilke451628d ago

Bitter about what I have every system out. My Xbox one sits and collects dust. On my 65 inch LG I was smart enough to get a lag free hdmi switch so I didn't have to get on the internet and make dumb comments like BC for the win. I'll just use my old systems.

Jinger1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

So you have a Xbox one, but you're still going to pull out your 360 or ps3 to play these games?

Edit: and it's not about being "smart" and buying a HDMI switch you dummy. I don't like the clutter of having a ton of consoles, especially ones I barely use anymore, in my entertainment center.

djsilke451627d ago

I'm the dummy? you must not be able to read. If I have an HDMI switch why would I need to pull my system out to play it? I wouldn't have to because I have an entertainment center that fits all of my systems so its already there. so when I want to play that system I just change the HDMI switcher....... I know its might be to big of a concept for you.

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littletad1629d ago

If you actually watch the video it shows how it pairs up against emulation too.

CarlDechance1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

I was wrong then. Well, that's what I get for yapping without watching the video.

Switch4One1629d ago

It just irks you to read positive Xbox One news doesn't it?

CarlDechance1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Coming from the guy who calls this place an "echo chamber" over and over again when it comes to anything positive about Sony.

PSN name changes announced. What do you say?

"List of basic things that shouldn't take 10 years? " please don't drown in your own hypocrisy.

Switch4One1629d ago

I called it an echo chamber twice. First because you people were somehow claiming that Sony would make decisions based on the wants of their competitors' consumers and secondly because somebody claimed that Microsoft and Nintendo paid an unknown website to give Spider-Man 7.8/10 and more than 35 people agreed.
Is that really what you want to defend? It's not exactly anything positive about Sony is it?

CarlDechance1627d ago

Who gives a shit with anonymous "agrees" or "disagrees" about anything? Fact is you generalize "you people" like a damn idiot. That is why you are among the exact same people you rail against. Because you don't have the intelligence to talk to the person. You have to rail against a broad group. And it always for Xbox and against Sony. Facts suck...don't they?

Switch4One1627d ago

We are resorting to name calling now? Lol the wiwle pony is personally offended. That's good.
There was a Horde of agreers so I addressed the poster and the horde in general and you got mad because you know you fall squarely into that horde, they are your people and that is why you feel so emotional when they are called out.

If you had the intelligence you so claim I lack you'd notice that it's not always against Sony but rather the mindless horde that celebrate them no matter what and use words like s**t, damn and idiot whenever anyone doesn't blow steam up their rears.

CarlDechance1626d ago

Resorting to name calling? Are you serious? You call out entire groups of people. Are you really so ignorant?

And please....just stop with the bullshit about its "not always against Sony". Just pathetic. Get lost. You are a joke.

Switch4One1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

There's a difference between calling out a group of people and name calling.
N4G is an echo chamber is an example of calling people out.
You calling me an idiot out of emotional frustration is name calling.

Hehehe now I'm pathetic and a joke, I've really touched a nerve huh? Calm down friend, it's just a multi-billion dollar corporation, it's not your child.

Also go ahead and disprove what I'm saying. The majority of my criticism has been against the fanatics of playstation and not playstation itself.

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CaptainCook1629d ago

The camera angle on the PS2 version ruins the experience.

SpaceRanger1629d ago

How is it the best place to play? It literally says in the video that its assets are still PS2 level and that it’s the native resolution is the same as the HD collection on PS3 and 360.

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