Switch Online proves, once again, that NES games aren't that good

Nintendo Enthusiast argues that NES games, in general, are pretty overrated. Nintendo Switch Online reaffirms this.

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JunMei100d ago

Yeah.... there are a few gems out there. But games don'r really start holding up until the 16 bit era.

Sm00thNinja100d ago

Yeah not paying 20 bucks to play NES games I can download on my phone

GtPawnSacrifices99d ago

Second that. Start putting up some N64 & GCN titles, then i’ll pay.

Neonridr98d ago

well technically you aren't paying $20 for NES games, much like you aren't paying $50 for older PS3/PS4 games either. You are paying for online, anything else is technically a bonus, no?

-volt-100d ago (Edited 100d ago )


zahdab99d ago

Never something so wrong has felt so right !

PhoenixUp100d ago

NES games are alright but should never be used as a major selling point selling point of this service

Sony gave away free PS1 games monthly when PS+ started out but they never made as big a deal about it and those games are more fleshed out than the basic experiences most NES games provide

wonderfulmonkeyman100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

If Nintendo just expands upon that idea they have going with the modded version of the Nes Zelda, they might be able to draw some attention to these old games.
An OFFICIAL "third quest" for Zelda, for example, might pull in some subscribers, and I'm sure there are plenty of ways they could mod other games like Metroid and Mario 2 to make them interesting again.

Theknightofnights99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

What do you mean Sony never made a big deal of it? That was part of the whole advertising of the service. Subscribe to the service and acquire free games monthly that you can use until your subscription lapses.

2pacalypsenow99d ago

Nintendo made NES game a massive selling point. Sony didn’t, they focused on the ps3 games and also mentioned you get ps1 games too.

Theknightofnights99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

@2pacalypsenow @PhoenixUp

They advertised free games heavily with their online service, just as Nintendo is doing. Nintendo offers NES games for $20/year and Sony offered other games for $50/year, but they both used the free games as an incentive all the same.

letsa_go99d ago

Like arguing with a brick wall

DarXyde99d ago

"They advertised free games heavily with their online service, just as Nintendo is doing. Nintendo offers NES games for $20/year and Sony offered other games for $50/year, but they both used the free games as an incentive all the same."

The difference being that when Plus launched, it wasn't needed for online play. The free games or discount prices literally WERE the service.

Nintendo is only offering "free" games now to entice people into supporting the service. It's really not good yet.

septemberindecember99d ago


Sure, that’s a difference but I don’t see how that goes against his argument.

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PhoenixUp99d ago

@ wonder

I’d rather them offer more modern games instead of titles I’ve already played on VC

@ Knight

Correct Sony advertised giving away free games. Some of those games initially being PS1 titles wasn’t shown off as prominently as Nintendo is with NES games because Sony also counterbalanced the old with new PSN games as well

Realms99d ago

It's Nintendo being Nintendo most gamers I would think would prefer a Switch game even if it came with a higher price tag like their competitors offer, they are just trying to give as little as possible why not give SNES or 64 games instead along with a Switch game and just increase the price to 59.99

DarXyde99d ago

That's kind of the natural evolution of technology. You're giving the nod to early Plus games being more fleshed out because Sony started in the 32-bit era? That's a bit shortsighted in my opinion. Be that as it may, since Wii, Nintendo has at least been offering save states on their classics. Now, they have online functionality. PSOne games on Plus were more fleshed out than NES games, sure. But I think Nintendo does more to provide enhancements.

rainslacker98d ago

I think if you hold them to today's standards, then sure, a lot of them don't hold up. But for their time, they were often good. At least depending on the developer. There were plenty of crap games on the NES, just like we have with modern systems.

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TheGamez10099d ago

Hope snes games make it in the subscription. Still play quite a few of them here and there.

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