Rumor: Nintendo 64 Mini Appearance Leaked Online

Reddit and Twitter notorious for leaks, A person named Nacho & Pistachio posted images of Nintendo 64 Mini on Twitter which looks very real.

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purple101100d ago

Does it have a ram pak though

Gh05t100d ago

What about the rumble pack?

Number-Nine100d ago

What about the pokemon stadium extension pack?

tigertron100d ago

What about the droid attack on the wookies?

JCOLE1319599d ago

@tiger I just spit my drink 😂

Goldenarmz99d ago

LOL @tiger omg, never laughed so hard.

RosweeSon99d ago

Defo need the rumble pack the different coloured controllers would be amazing as well

UltraNova99d ago

What about the included games?


Good one!

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Orionsangel99d ago

Any extras they add will only raise the price. So I doubt it.

Sm00thNinja100d ago

I sincerely have no interest in these mini consoles. I can play N64 games on on Android. Now if the Switch got N64 games as part of the package instead of NES games that's another story.

Kribwalker100d ago

i think anything after the genesis and super nintendo didn’t age well, as the 3d graphics/mechanics on a lot of those old games look and feel terrible now. Now you get the odd ones that are still good, there aren’t a lot

cpayne93100d ago

I think there's still enough experiences on the n64 to warrant a classic edition. Conker, banjo, paper mario, and star fox have all aged incredibly well for example.

wraith9999100d ago

you're fried lmao there are plenty games on this generation of consoles (n64, ps1) that aged very well

stupidusername100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

But games like Conker, Banjo, diddy kong racing and Donkey Kong 64 are all made by rare. I doubt they will be included.

rainslacker99d ago

I think the more realistic they tried to be, the less they held up over time. But mechanically, they also feel kind of clunky sometimes compared to modern games which feel more natural with the controls being representative of what's going on on screen.

Kribwalker99d ago


exactly. As great as goldeneye was back in the day, it can’t hold up anymore. Same with games like ridge racer and a lot of old fighting games etc

micdagoat1999d ago

All games after 16bit consoles weren't all 3d tho....................

xRacer74x99d ago

I would say it was more camera control in those early 3d games.

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-Foxtrot100d ago

See I'm the same but not android...I just want them on the Switch

Even when they had their rough time with the Wii U they could have gotten their virtual console sorted and gotten through that console with bringing classic games back but they didn't. They released Pokemon Snap for example at the VERY END of the Wii U's life when the Switch was announced. Does the Switch have it? Nope.

It's like Sony and the upcoming mini. I bought so many PS1 classics on my PS3 and I can't finish some of them because they decided to ignore them for the PS4...why? Just put them back on the store and let us continue where we left off.

Mr_Writer85100d ago

Or just play them on your PS3?

-Foxtrot100d ago

Or maybe some people aren't made of money and had to sell their PS3's to pay towards a new console

Money dosen't grow on trees you know.

Mr_Writer85100d ago

But you bought games that you didn't finish? That's not very cost effective.

For someone who claims money is tight, buying games and not finishing them is a waste is it not?

And the most likely scenario would be you'd have to pay for them again.

-Foxtrot100d ago

I bought games before the PS4 came out, I played PS1 games during the periods when I had completed a AAA game and when the next one I wanted was coming out. Of course I wasn't going to finish them, I don't have time to spare these days with work 5 days a week, long hours.

Don't act like you know the ins and outs of peoples money issues, it's highly ignorant. The point is the classics should be on new consoles and not everyone managed to keep their previous consoles.

Skankinruby100d ago

Exactly, having to dig out the ps3 to play certain psn games is crap. Your entire digital library should be available for ps4. They better change that with ps5.

Mr_Writer8599d ago (Edited 99d ago )

"Don't act like you know the ins and outs of peoples money issues, it's highly ignorant."

Never said I did, it just didn't make sense to me, you claim to have a tight budget, yet bought games you couldn't /didn't play.

I work 8 hours a day, have 2 young children and have to watch my money, and spending it on games I don't have time to play would be a waste imo.

So whilst I don't know your exact situation (something I never claimed) I do know what it means to game on a budget.

"Your entire digital library should be available for ps4."

Whilst I agree, it's not the case, and Sony told us this before the start of the gen. And when you bought them there was no promise they would work on PS4.

It's also not always so simple when then console isn't BC from the start, look at MS, the reason they have to pick and choose the games added is because they can't just put games on their store that they don't own.

When a 360 or OX game is added to X1 its not just making the software run, they also have to sort a licensing deal.

"Just put them back on the store and let us continue where we left off."

Which is why this wasn't done, and its ironic I'm called ignorant, yet you don't seem to understand such a basic concept.

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cpayne93100d ago

Well these consoles aren't really aimed at you. It's mainly for collectors, for those of us who grew up with these systems, and for people who want a quick plug and play way to play classic games. The n64 was my first console and I have a ton of nostalgia for it, so I will be happy to get this.

Teflon0299d ago

I bought SNES mini to experience SNES the closest way to actual SNES without being an outdated console and atleast run at a acceptable res even if it's only 720p

InTheZoneAC99d ago

I'm not playing games on a phone...and I'm not buying a switch...

Teflon0299d ago

I'm sure DK64 and Diddy Kong Racing will be, but I have no confidence in Banjo and Conker since those are games released on Xbox. DKC was fine on SNES so DK games will be fine.


N64 emulators run the games like complete trash, definitely not getting steady framerate and accurate sound emulation on your smartphone.

Sm00thNinja99d ago

Completely inaccurate my Note 7 runs EVERY SINGLE N64 game using my MegaN64 I have which is over 10 almost damn near flawlessly. OOT, Super Mario 64, Jet Force Gemini , Majora's Mask, Conker, Banjo Tooie. Accurate sound and a stable frame rate with very few drops. Anyone whose played emulators on phones can attest that this has been the case for years now

HeyNavi99d ago

I completely agree with you. I'd love to have the majority of the N64 library available on the Switch. At least I got Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask on the 3DS.

Michiel198999d ago

'I have no interest in n64 mini because I pirate all their games.'
You wouldnt buy the n64 games on switch buddy, cause that would involve spending money.

Sm00thNinja99d ago

Yet I've bought over 10 Switch titles and also have 2 Xbox One Xs, 2 PS4s and 50+ games on each. Something I'm POSITIVE BASED on your comment history you cannot claim. Has nothing to do with being cheap. And it's simple to pop up OOT on my phone and play it smooth as day.

If N64 games were on the Switch I would repurchase them for sure but currently what other way is there to play a lot of N64 titles on the go?

Sm00thNinja99d ago

Also are you banned? Why you using that bum username that's not vastly different from your original 😂

Michiel198998d ago (Edited 98d ago )

from my original what?
so becayuse u bought 10 switch titles what?
Saying, I have no interest in x console games cause i pirate them just makes for a stupid argument.
'i have no interest in "insert x product' because i steal it'....

you do seem pretty mad I gotta say
im glad you are positive on your speculation, keep at it! I dont need to claim it, because i dont need to prove anything unlike you. Why else would you list your oh so proud game purchases?
Only reason u say 'I'm POSITIVE BASED on your comment history you cannot claim' is to make urself feel better, because u know like a normal person that u cannot see that :)

But ill tell you the truth, you are right I didnt buy 50+ ps4 games, cause there arent 50 worth buying on ps4. I play multiplat games on pc so there you go. JACKPOT BOY u were right.

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excaliburps100d ago

Include Wrestlemania 2000 or WWF No Mercy and I'm there!

GoldeneyeOO799d ago

Wrestlemania 2000 FTW!!! Sadly, though, I doubt it'll happen due to copyright and licensing issues with the wrestlers' names, likenesses, etc... Hopefully, we'll be able to mod the Mini N64, just like we were able to with the first to mini Nintendo consoles.

ocelot0799d ago

Agreed would love to play the likes of WWF no mercy and wrestlemania 2000 and wcw/nwo revenge. However I imagine there would be some licencing issues plus I doubt the WWE would like to have a game re-released with the likes of Chris Benoit present.

excaliburps99d ago

Yeah. =( I have dreams of Wrestlemania 2000 out via digital and we can play online. Heck, any AKI-developer wrestling game would be an insta-buy for me.

excaliburps99d ago

Yeah. I'll definitely get one and mod it just to add that game. :D

Teflon0299d ago

They'll be on mine no matter what, I'll mod them on like I did a bunch of titles on SNES mini

gangsta_red100d ago

For me a lot of the n64 games were just not appealing and the graphics for a lot of the games just really don't hold up well today.

And with a lot Rare offerings not appearing it's going to be slim to extremely mediocre pickings for games on this mini system.

cpayne93100d ago

Honestly I prefer n64 visuals over ps1, and some of them look ok in hd. Ps1 textures spazzing out seems harder to go back to.

cd199d ago

N64 should have better visuals than PS1, it was way more powerful. IIRC its graphics chip was developed by Silicon Graphics.

Best console ever.

darthv7299d ago

Yeah, im not a fan of N64. A few games were cool like star wars racer and rogue squadron but thos are also on PC and DC so Im going to pass on this.

rainslacker99d ago

I wonder if some of the games I liked most on the system if it'd even be possible to get with licensing things.

I have about a 75% complete US physical collection though, so I can just play them there, but some of those games are quite expensive to buy, so if a few of the one's I haven't managed to get show up on there, then maybe it'd be worth it. Either that, or it'd drive down the inflated price that collectors want for what isn't especially rare.