NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Most Likely Will Be Faster than the GTX 1080

Longtime tipster Tum Apisak (Shiina Mashiro) has leaked Time Spy benchmarks of the upcoming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card.

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ChrisW58d ago

Well... DUH!!!

The 770 was faster than the 680
The 970 was faster than the 780
The 1070 was faster than the 980

Cernunnos58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

It would be almost worthless otherwise... The 1070 was pretty much equal to the 980ti!

jmc888856d ago


The 1070 was faster than the 980ti.

The 2000 series sucks big time. Such a small increase, with a bloated price for features that barely work (and there's no games with them yet... but a couple soon).

For instance. It's been 2 1/2 years, and the $499-599 successor to the 1070 gives you on average about 10-20 FPS more. $100-200 more for crap. In fact the 970 cost $329 and now the 1170 FE costs $599, almost double.

I never once thought... gee I want to upgrade from my 1070 to a 1080. Bare minimum is a good percentage above a 1080ti at similar to 1070 costs. If it costs more than that, like $100-200, it better be 50 percent or more above 1080ti.

The 2070 is like a successor to the 1060, but costs more than a 1080.

The ray tracing features aren't ready for prime time, so no one is going to use them much. People will try it out, then go, ooh, ahh, cool... but it runs like crap. So they'll turn it off.

Anyone remember PhysX, Hairworks, or some of the other stuff Nvidia has come out with that tanked performance? Well this is far, far, far, far worse. People turned off the other stuff, they're going to turn this off. Even a 2080ti sucks in ray tracing. Great tech for the future, crappier performance now.

Let me put it to you this way. Say you have the 2080ti, and you have a game you want to play, this is how it'll be more or less.

Without Ray Tracing, the 2080ti will chew through ti at 4k/60-100. Obviously, if you have higher refresh 1080p/1440p monitors you'll be able to max them out at 120-144-168 and in some cases 200 and 240hz.

Now guess what kind of performance you'll get with RTX turned on?
So far we've seen that tank performance in BFV to say 1080p/60-80 and 1440/50-60, or 4k/sub 30.

In other words, to turn it on, you basically have to go from a GTX 2080ti to a GTX 970. 10 Gigarays massively falls short. We're going to need more like 50-100 Gigarays to make this work.

The 2070 is far worse at Ray tracing. Only gives 10-20 frames per second more usually. Sometimes a little more or less, and that's at 1080p. At 4k, you're looking at more like an additional 8-12 FPS. Still not hitting 4k/60. (of course lowering settings can get you there sometimes, but the same can be said for earlier cards as well).

Such a crap generation of GPU's.

It'll be interesting to see how they play the 7nm shrink generation (what they call the 2100 series or 3000 series). Will they shrink the boards 30-40 percent and neuter the gains while keeping prices high? Or will they drop prices a bit, maybe 10 percent smaller boards, and use the shrink to pack in 50-70 percent more transistors, cuda cores, tensor/rt cores?

Nvidia also has to worry about next gen consoles. With RTX on, it tanks performance so bad that the games on a PS5/XB2 will perform better on it than a 2080ti. If they make PC gaming too expensive, alot of people will bail. Nvidia better not screw this up.