The great debate: Are Assassin's Creed Odyssey XP boosts ethical?

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is garnering positive reviews across the board and Ubisoft even poked fun at EA for controversial microtransactions. Are Ubisoft blameless in the whole story though, as they have MTX in a singleplayer game?

ziggurcat4d ago

True, but you shouldn't have to pay extra money to be able to progress in the game at the correct rate.

MeteorPanda4d ago

correct rate according to whom? some people don't have the time to grind and are willing - others are not. pick which one you are. it's not pay to win if it's single player and the objective can be reached.

if someone who has the time to play, pays for the xp boost to the point they're a boosted animal 1 shotting everything...but they have fun...then whats the harm?

Tiqila4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Those who haven't got the time to grind should not have to pay for skipping the grind.

At one point they will put commercials inside the game which you'll have to watch in order to progress. If you don't like the commercials, you can always pay to skip, right?

If that's the future of gaming, I'm out. MTs are a huge step in the wrong direction.

@MeteorPanda ^

obidanshinobi4d ago

@ MeteorPanda

Watch SkillUp's review, it took him 7 hours of side quest grinding to get to the level to play the next story mission.

StormSnooper4d ago

If you pay for a full game you shouldn’t have to pay more in game hidden fees to play the game in the best way possible.

Lord_Sloth3d ago

I seem to be progressing just fine without it. I'm level 15.

ziggurcat3d ago (Edited 3d ago )


Seeing as how there’s a $10 thing you can buy that increases your money/XP acquisition by 50%, it would be fair to say that they nerfed the progress by that much in order to sell those packs.

I have the time to grind, but that doesn’t justify the devs nerfing the regular rate of progress to make that grind more tedious.

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-Foxtrot4d ago

"They are optional"

Really tired of that same old excuse

Not the point...

SolidGamerX4d ago

Even more tired of people virtue signalling over what other people do with their money.

roadkillers4d ago

It is like purchasing a pool to swim for fun. Instead of practicing to swim and get better you pay someone to have you automatically make you better at swimming. That's not possible. I see why people do it, but honestly there is nothing better you guys could spend your money on?

From my perspective, that is like playing a game on super easy mode. I can see both sides of the customer. When it comes down to it, this stuffs not for me. Give me a great game and cut out all of the bs. I'm enjoying God Of War, but if the game mentioned any of this, it would be devalued in my mind.

Rachel_Alucard4d ago

The justifications I see for MTX revolve around the phrases, "They are optional" and "It's my money." Remember when the same lines were used for paid dlc, season passes, online passes, and subscription based services like EA access? Only one of those things died off and the rest flourished and morphed into MTX because of people continuing to buy them. Any one here can ignore them, but when you don't say anything it's the same as saying yes to these practices. Besides, there's tons of things people should not be buying and this is one of them.

Purrfection3d ago

Ask yourself, are we overreacting just for the sake of overreacting? I've been playing games for a long long time and I remember playing tons of RPG's that are a total grind. It's very easy to conclude now that money is involved that's it is no longer ethical but some of you are unwilling to accept gamer's habits have changed. We've also had cheat codes years ago, so it's not like this is a new concept of fast tracking a game.

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zahdab4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

the reason they put these boosts is they know what they built .. they know many people will get bored of the grind and buy the boosts otherwise they wouldn't have tried to sell them. the game is too grindy to the point that optional quests as boring as they are .. .are not really optional you need to do them because most of the game is locked behind numbers. a chicken can literally kill you if it has a higher level than you.

PixelOmen4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

If it reaches the point where you get bored of it or it is unbalanced, it's just a bad game. The boosts are irrelevant. You can argue that the boosts are predatory, but the real issue is that it's simply poorly designed.

StormSnooper4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Yeah but the “poor design”, it’s well... by design. They made a game, then added the poor design so you would have to pay more to actually enjoy the game.

zahdab3d ago

it's pretty much built like mobile games where they let you level up and get into the game and then start making it harder and harder to progress and level up. yes you can get to the end game without paying a dime and yes you're not competing against other players who payed to level up. but you will be doing the same quest over and over again.

Segata4d ago

And without them, the game feels like grinding in a free to play mobile game.

jjb19814d ago

@meteorpanda, yes they are optional but it damages the trust players have with developers. This can become an issue where developers will intentionally make leveling up take a lot longer than normal just to entice players to pay for an XP boost for a full-priced $60 game. It's like when stores double the price of items one day and then the very next day they have a 50% off sale.

Artemidorus4d ago

For a fee which didn't happen in the past.

notachance4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

for me it's not whether it's optional or not. I see it as the way these devs build gamer's tolerance to SP Mts, just like how it was at the beginning with those 'cosmetics' MTs

sure, now they are "optional". But the way it was in the past, if you do all side activities your character is usually overleveled by the time they did the main quest, you can still see this in The Witcher 3 for example.

now the narrative suddenly shifts to "same level as enemies when you did the side activities"

watch as few years down the line, when you have build tolerance to this kind of practice it's suddenly not enough anymore to just "do all the side activities", the narrative will shift yet again to "you need to grind a little bit". Until it's too late and suddenly you realize they practically made it mandatory to buy MTs in single player.

and NO, the money you spend on MTs most likely doesn't go to "poor devs just trying to feed their families". Most of them have fixed salaries that doesn't get affected by how much you spend. Most of those MTs went to the company, which in turn goes to stakeholder's wallet.

If you think big revenues from MTs meant they gonna do better next time, you're wrong. To the companies it means only one thing: shift all focus to MTs.

DerekTweed2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I'm 30 hours in and I am over leveled my 5 levels from the main quest. I didn't pay for the boost.

Enemies level up with you to a certain point, depending on the region, each region will have a cap.

Perhaps there will be a point in the next hours were I need to grind but I have a lot of side quests still to do.

Quite early in, the game throws a bunch of quests at you that are way above your level, when you're level 20ish, you will have quests at level 30, 35, 40 and even 50 in your quest log.

So far I'm enjoying it.

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Realms3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

An option that does not need to be there unless greedy publishers want to see how far they can push the line without gamers pushing back. I don't like this because some people will justify it by saying well it doesn't affect me or the game but it does because inevitably some publishers will see this and say we can do this too. Next thing you know all games are being designed with this in mind instead of being creative and delivering fun new games and experiences.

zahdab15h ago

Well i found the first few hours enjoyable as well, it's still enjoying to an extent but i dont have the same motivation to do every single quest i come through anymore i am also did level up my character about 5 levels beyond the current region i am at ....
though at a certain point you realize how monotone the game is ... same quests over and over again ... specially the ones you pick from the postings ... they are not even region specific they pic a random target and assign a random dialogue option from the quest giver ... go kill X because he did Y ...
Also assassinations don't mean shit anymore ... if a target is 2 levels about you ... a stealth kill is no more a kill it's a just a bit of damage and for me that's what assassin's creed has always been about.
the fact that all regions level up with you really means that your levels means nothing ... except gating your progress not visit regions before your level matches them. if you to level up to make a certain region easier it has an adverse effect coz you need to level up your gear to also match your level or ur weapons and armor aren't good enough.
speaking of leveling you ur gear it costs way too much to level up gear you like with you, you're basically being forced out of your gear or you have to cough up real world money or just grind for materials for leveling which isnt pracital as you need the same material for upgrading your ships.
game has an obvious money grabbing scheme.

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stefan_7714d ago

I bought it. The grind ruined Origins for me and I didn't want to go through it again

pyroxxx4d ago

I totally understand,.. But than again,.. why support games that are designed like this,.. Even if money is no problem,.. give them the finger, least that is what I do.

zahdab4d ago

Origins was bearable in comparison... this is a different level of greed and it's a shame many reviewers are calling them out on it.

Dixiedevil4d ago

The material packs are way worse than the xp boost.

robtion4d ago

It is all equally bad. The grind required to level up just to play the main storyline, the lack of money and materials to keep existing equipment at the same level you are at, it is clearly orchestrated to push microtransactions. Plus content locked behind a paywall (e.g. Pegusus, ship figure heads).

It's greed pure and simple and with many people accepting it and some even defending it, the problem will only get worse as these companies see how far they can push things.

stupidusername4d ago

The truly sad part is that people like us are rather powerless, except for a few circumstances. We (wnlightened gamers on gaming sites) are very few in comparison to the millions of people that buy games like AC, CoD, Star Wars Battlefront and so on. Those people don’t buy games as often as us and gladly pour money into MTs.
At least I’m happy that loot boxes are almost out of the picture in most games.

DerekTweed2d ago

For me there has been no grind to level up with the main story. In fact, I am 5 levels above it. I have thousands of pelts, metal and wood and hundreds of glass and gems and over 100,000 drachmae.

The other stuff, I will agree with, there is content that is locked behind a pay wall. But I won't let that ruin my enjoyment of playing the game.

One thing I think is a dirty tactic is giving you a small amount of helix credits that is just a little less than you need for a gold weapon or something you would want. That is trying to entice you into buying a little bit more to get the best content.

victorMaje4d ago

I haven’t felt like I needed it yet, even if I did I’d never buy it, goes against evthg I believe in.

MTX has no place in SP games, especially if they affect gameplay.

“Player choice”? Let the 50% xp boost be enabled by default for easy difficulty, that’s player choice.
Need to make more money? Make a better game.
Get that shit out of here.