Ranking The Top 5 Call of Duty Games

With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 this week, it's time to look at some of the best that the series has had to offer over the years by ranking the top five games in the Call of Duty franchise.

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Skull521665d ago

First 5 that Infinity Ward did, nothing Treyarch or the other studios have done.

SierraGuy664d ago

I don't know man. Sledgehammer did a pretty good job with Advanced Warfare.

corpsemaker664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

You’re either A: Insane, B: Sarcastic, or C: Dumber than a box of rocks

Ghosts, Advanced and Infinite Warfare are by far the worst of the series. Yes, I have played every COD. (Some don’t like BO3 or the new WW2 also I suppose, I liked BO3 personally)

SierraGuy664d ago


Your a moron. BO3 was a clone of advanced warfare nothing more.

And fell on it's face. Map design is everything.

Do you even realize how much infinity ward was helped by sledgehammer on their titles?

Infinite sucked.

corpsemaker663d ago (Edited 663d ago )

@sierra Yeah I’m the moron. I didn’t like BO3 more than any other games other than Advanced, Infinite, and Ghosts. I never said it was great. You act like advanced didn’t fall on its face with map design and everything. Infinity ward only needed help after their whole team left moron.

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alexkarkar664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

modern warfare is the best for me. then it's either the first or the second part. the rest are hot turds for dumb kids.

annoyedgamer664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

1. COD 2
2. MW1
3. WaW

theshredded664d ago

Modern Warfare games no doubt.

Spartacus10663d ago

Easily COD4. The game that every other game wanted to be for many years. Shame it's the other way around now.