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"Marvel's Spider-Man is a good game brought down by its disappointing missions and side missions"

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kindkinesis102d ago

Definitely, agree with that sentiment. Got really tired of uninspiring side missions and cookie cutter design.

Skull521102d ago

Yeah I’d give it a solid 8, game was good save the repetitive side quests.

ziggurcat102d ago

side quests in all games generally are repetitive.

NecrumOddBoy101d ago

Amazing game and never a dull moment. Proudly platinum'd and added to my 100% completion goals for PS4 exclusives alongside HZD, GOW, and Detroit.

SierraGuy102d ago

So it's comparable to Horizon 4?

headshotfrosty102d ago

Whuh? What does FH4 have to do with this? lol

SierraGuy101d ago

The score.... Horizon 4 is no more than a 7.8..."cookie cutter" instantly brings it to mind.

King_Noctis101d ago

Desperate to downplay a MS game even if it has nothing to do with this reviews aren’t we?

SierraGuy101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

No just stating rational thought with regards to the 7.8...something the writer does not possess.

SierraGuy101d ago

Bu...buuu.... PSNow! .....Now!

King_Noctis101d ago


There are tons of games out there that really and truly deserve a 7.8 and yet you picked out FH4, which by the way is one of the best racing games this gen?

And if you want my opinion on Spiderman, it deserves way higher than a 7.8.

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AspiringProGenji102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Define ''cookie cutter design.'' NOt every side activity was the same and even had their own suff. Some side mission were average at best but nothing that breaks or hurts the game. Now if they went crazy with it and bloated the game with them I would agree with you

Tross102d ago

Here we go again with the biased games media being paid off by MS or Nintendo to give PlayStation exclusives lower than accurate scores, all because they're not available on those other systems.

Gaming4Life1981102d ago

If anything the media is biased in Sony favor. Everyone's opinion on a game will not be the same. I think spiderman is a good game but all these high 9's is not what the game deserved imo, 8 or 8.5 is wha I think it deserves.

sammarshall102101d ago

Spiderman is a near perfect game it could've gotten a 90+ metacritic and it would've been justified IMO

SolidGamerX101d ago

"If anything the media is biased in Sony favor", LOL BULLSPIT! what are you smoking?

ShadowWolf712101d ago

Look I think it's stupid to insist Nintendo and MS pay for every negative review a PS game gets but to imply the media is biased in Sony's favor? That's insane.

Do you have any idea how many of them made it clear PS had more cross play games (with PC and mobile) than any other console? Heck, a lot of them outright lied and claimed they were blocking it with PC too. When Sony finally said yes to cross play on Fortnite, a lot of dudes legit thought they could now "finally" play with their friends on PC. Media did nothing to correct that perception, pushed it, and then once Sony did cave they rubbed it in their faces. Name changes? Rubbed it in their faces how they were "finally catching up with 2007". There are "downgrade controversies" for every game they make that all turn out to be BS. And now, even though PS Now has been around for years and steadily improving, media acts like MS's "xCloud" that they have yet to build or even Beta is "finally bringing game streaming to the mainstream" without so much as a proof of concept.

Sony literally cannot implement a single thing without half the press getting all up on their case about it, and are rarely, if ever, credited when they do something big. When they launched PSVR? That was supposedly a guaranteed flop. When it didn't, and they were pushing VR as a game platform and pushing the tech as much or more than any other company? Suddenly the same voices saying "VR is the future but Sony will let theirs die" joined the "VR is a fad and Sony stupidly jumped in while MS was smart to wait and stay out". This, btw, after they were pre-praising the Xbox One X's "TRUE VR" before they'd even seen it and declared that MS would "bring VR to the mainstream". Again.

But by all means, let's pretend the media is firmly in their corner.

goldwyncq101d ago

You Sony ponies are sensitive and immature as hell. Just because someone didn't rate the game a 9 or a 10 doesn't make them "biased", nor are they being paid off to give the game such a score.

For the record, Spider-Man is my GOTY so far, but I'm not going to go around making baseless accusations just because someone didn't enjoy the game as much as I did.

jc12101d ago


100% agree with your statement.

King_Noctis101d ago

“games media being paid off by MS or Nintendo to give PlayStation exclusives lower than accurate scores”

And what does that achieve exactly? One mediocre reviews in a sea of good reviews will make this game fail?

gangsta_red101d ago

These comments are beyond satire now.

Why wouldn't MS or Nintendo pay off more reviews or more popular review sites if your lunatic theory was true?

Jinger101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

MS only had money for one bad review, duh!

And a really late one at that!

SolidGamerX101d ago

If anyone would know about satirical comments.

King_Noctis101d ago

People here can say the most outrageous things and make no sense and still get tons of upvote as long as the comment sh*t on MS and Nintendo.

Smh N4G.

Switch4One101d ago

So Microsoft and Nintendo paid off an unknown site to give Spider-Man a 7.8 out of 10 more than a month after it released because....?
And 31 other people on this echo chamber of a website agreed with you! How very surprising! /s

TekoIie101d ago

Funny too if the score they demanded for their money was a 7.8 (only 0.2 off an 8). Hardly a bad review for a good game.

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stuna1102d ago

No surprise the usual haters. I thought Horizon 4 was so breath taking and evolutionary that it's unable to be put down!? So why are you here?

HeisenbergX102d ago

My GOTY .. super fun addictive and badass .. this review is bull

HeisenbergX101d ago

I should have said *My GOTY so far* cause i still have to play RDR2 and Smash Ultimate. But yeah game is amazing especially if you are a spidey fan !

Immorals101d ago

Solid 8 from me. Great single player, incredible graphics and traversing the city was alot of fun.

The stealth sections, repetitive collections and uninspired side missions let it down.

Now, to wait for the DLC.

nikrel101d ago

The Stealth missions with the two characters was awful, it was the only low point of the game for me.

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