New "proper" Intel Core i9 9900K vs AMD Ryzen 7 2700X benchmarks released across 19 games

DSOGaming writes: "A few days ago, Principled Technologies released some inaccurate benchmarks between the upcoming Intel Core i9 9900K CPU and the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X. Principled Technologies used the Game Mode for AMD’s CPU which basically halved its available CPU cores, resulting in some really underwhelming and “fake” results. And after a huge backlash, the company went ahead and re-tested the games without this mode."

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Dabigsiebowski101d ago

How people are still buying products from this "industry leader". I hope AMD cleans up for years to come.

jukins100d ago

That makes two of us. Especially when amd is competing and in some cases surpassing intel at a fraction of the cost. It's why I've been team amd for awhile now cant wait to see they're next gen gpus

Profchaos100d ago

Depends on your purpose of I purely gamed on my pc I'd honestly just get the 8700 at a steep discount especially when next gen 10nm processors from Intel will potentially be out this year.

But I often create a fair few virtualised server environments outside of games my machine is a workhorse so I'd take the i9 with its hyoerthreading any day of the week

Sircolby45100d ago

@Profchaos The 10nm chips are already confirmed to NOT be coming out this year.

Gahl1k100d ago

Because of gaming and rendering? No matter what AMD does, it can't beat Intel in single-thread performance.

Computersaysno100d ago

Not yet. But it will get so close in 2019 it won't even matter, Zen 2 will close the gap to nothing. As multi core becomes more important AMD will hopefully be selling you more cores for less.

Expect to obtain an AMD 8 core in 2019 a match for the i9 9900k, but costing a lot less.

Dabigsiebowski100d ago

You act like they are so far behind which they aren't. My 1700x @3.9 is as fast as a 6700k and I have 4 more cores and 8 mores threads.

Zenbaby369100d ago

Game mode hurts performance in games?

Weeblordbad100d ago

It's a feature intended for their Threadripper processors, not the mainstream Ryzen processors.

Gahl1k100d ago

This mode cuts the processor's cores in half (meaning if it has 8 cores, this mode will only utilise 4 cores), which hits the processor's performance, especially in gaming when using Ryzen processors. It is meant for Threadripper, and it actually enhances their gaming performance.

Zenbaby36977d ago

This is still somewhat ironic, I love it

vork77100d ago

i did bought a ryzan 5 2600x and for its price i am happy