Sega shares updated sales numbers for Persona, Megami Tensei, Yakuza, and more

Sega provided updated sales numbers for its major properties in it latest integrated report.

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AspiringProGenji32d ago

Still playing P5. I Just beat Shido yesterday. The game freaking rocks. I am happy with its sales

MasterCornholio32d ago

Loved it so much that I got the platinum for it. It truly is an amazing JRPG.

DarXyde32d ago

It was all I played for about 6 months and I got the platinum trophy in about a month. To this day, I can just pick it up and play it anytime. Doesn't even matter that I have everything.

paintedgamer198432d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Persona 5 deserves all the praise comming its way. Easilly 1 of my fav rpg on ps4. Im excited for Shin Megami Tensei 5 as well whenever thats comming.

TheColbertinator32d ago

Please bring Persona 5 to Steam,Sega.

TheOptimist32d ago

2019 E3, my biggest anticipation. Also SMT too pliz

zugdar32d ago

My vote is for Switch. The only way I'll be able to beat that game is to have it portable.