Reggies Love Affair with The Elder Scrolls Franchise

From the epic storylines down to the buying/selling/stealing/lootin g, this is a series close to my heart and in my eyes, can do no wrong.

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letsa_go94d ago

Who is Reggie and why should we care about what he loves?

ChristianReggieWait94d ago

I am the Reggie

I think you DO care, commenting and acting like you are resisting the majesty that is The Reggie Elder Scrolls Passion.

Love the Sass letsa_go

It's an opinion piece on my experiences with The Elder Scrolls series which i think a lot of people can relate too. Kind of a "Remember that time? At Band camp?" kind of scenario. But not. At all.

letsa_go94d ago

haha fair enough. I wish you luck with Elder Scrolls article!