Laptopmag: ASUS Eee PC S101 (XP) review


"How much are you willing to pay for style? The Eee PC S101 ($699) is hands-down the best looking mini-notebook we have seen, and its thin size and small footprint make it a machine that you'll want to show off to the world. However, the chunkier but cheaper Eee PC 1000H ($479) features a longer-lasting six-cell battery and a much larger 160GB hard drive. Similarly, our category favorite, the MSI Wind (street-priced as low as $479) also sports a better six-cell battery and a larger hard drive, plus a better keyboard than either Eee PC.

Some may prefer the ASUS N10, which, though not as thin or light as the S101, offers a handsome design, a better-looking glossy display, and discrete Nvidia graphics for the same $699 price. But if a stylish netbook is what you're looking for, the Eee PC S101 will meet your needs."

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