The Nintendo Switch Would Be The Ultimate Steam Streaming Machine

John Santina writes: "The Nintendo Switch and Steam Streaming would be a match made in heaven."

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JunMei61d ago

Heck yes it would be. If only Project Rainwater could get off the ground.

indysurfn60d ago

I'd buy it. Oh wait I already have. Seriously I dont know what project rainwater is and did not see it in a search. But I know it would be hard for all those controllers, and software configurations. Otherwise I would not have trouble on my PC 20 years later! Same old problems, a little less. But still have them.

Mystogan60d ago

It's called Rainway and I don't think it's gonna work that well if you don't have good upload speeds.

Cobra95160d ago

". . . the fact that it runs via the console's (currently hidden) browser means that there's little Nintendo can actually do to prevent people using Rainway on the Switch."

Are you serious? Nintendo can do plenty to prevent unwanted software or web-page content from running on their system.

Anyway, thanks for enlightening me here, guys. I had no idea this existed. Upload speed is not nearly as important as download for game streaming. What you send up is maybe the size of text messages--little more than control inputs. Low latency is really important both ways.

Mystogan60d ago


Upload is important because YOUR computer acts as the server with Rainway.