Lionhead Working on Fable 2 Glitches

Lionhead states that its will put forth its best effort to respond to issues:

"Some things slip through the net during development, especially when a game is the size and scope of Fable II," the studio explained. "Again, we can only apologize for this issue, but we are doing our best."

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CViper4276d ago

Wanna patch game? fine. Sell the regular game for 40 dollars. 60 dollars for games that dont need patches until they are really updating something a few months later.

kindi_boy4275d ago

slipped thru the net?! lmao they were OBVIOUS! and all those stupid problems were on 1 version of the game they are working on 1 version the game is not multi! with all of this crap...really ruined my gameplay

rroded4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Were talking several game stopping glitches just not acceptable imo.
Bad nough when its just annoying but game breaking glitches are like selling me a brand new car that goes boom after a 100 miles...

This is why i dont buy launch titles on any platform and its like 99% of the reviewers dont even play the games since they never mention em.

So glad I didnt buy SOCOM on launch either but not like they havng got me a few times already sigh is a working product so much 2 ask 4?

ASSASSYN 36o4275d ago

I got to agree with you on that. Fable 2 had an update today and it seem to create problems that were never there.

FreeMonk4275d ago

I personally wouldn't mind if these glitches popped up for just 1 or 2 gamers only, but there are thousands of people out there who are experiencing these problems, so it's got to be obvious to the developers that they are there.

The problem is that everyone has been so accepting of updates to games that have had slight little problems, that developers think it is ok to just update later, and over time the glitches have gotten badder and badder that they are making the game unplayable.

Ohh.. and I hope they fix the sucky Co-op. It's definatly not what Peter M showed us at E3!

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NaiNaiNai4276d ago

thats odd the link is broken. T_T lame

Darkiewonder4275d ago

they should fix the problem as to why i can't sign into the forum to make a comment ;P

and that problem. lol. I so am screwed now because i left before the monk finished! ugh.

-GametimeUK-4275d ago

this game doesnt run the best online I hope they sort it out... but this game is one of the best games of the year... possibly THE best but I dont want to get carried away yet...

Keele4275d ago

Well, atleast they work out their damn problems instead of leaving them in the game.


Tmac4275d ago

What the fudge are you talking about, they left OBVIOUS glitches in the game, if it's not ready (LIKE THE XBOX 360) then don't ship it till it is.

Keele4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

How do you know they've left obvious glitches in the game?

Every game has a crapload of glitches, just look at Oblivion. Alot of glitches developers miss before releasing the game. They don't purposely release them with glitches to screw everyone over and if they do that it's because fixing that glitch would mean having to release the game later on and like you've seen with LittleBigPlanet.. PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO WAIT.

You should be glad Lionhead is making an effort to fix it because other developers don't quite give a damn and leave glitches in the game.

Jewbat4262d ago

I am glad that they are stepping up to fix them. Problem is, they shouldn't be trying to cover themselves saying that they "missed a few that went through the net."

This isn't a net, this is a giant gaping hole.

These glitches and errors are pretty obvious. I found around 5 of them on just 2 playthroughs. And I was playing the game extremely slow, due to the fact that I like to encounter EVERYTHING an RPG has to offer. So I wasn't blowing through the game or anything. Both playthroughs are now unplayable due to the glitches in the game.

You should perform more testing before putting out a product that has this many glitches.

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