'Injustice 2' Concept Art Reveals Scrapped Characters Including Constantine, Penguin, and More

NetherRealm Studios' Injustice 2 released over a year ago, and while buzz for the fighting game has dwindled, a fresh new batch of concept art it has surfaced: revealing characters that never made it into the final product.

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gangsta_red98d ago

The Demon and Constantine would have been 100,000 times better than Sub-Zero, Raiden and TMNT because they're actual characters in the DC universe.

Penguin would have been interesting but we already have more than enough Batman characters in the game. Metallo, Silver Swan or Captain Boomerang would have been nice to see.

blackblades97d ago

I kinda agree with the 1st half and I agree in the end half. No need for mk characters when they have there own game and killer frost and black lightning would've been better instead of a skin. Then they could've had other character as skins with there moves like static shock. Also I do think tmnt and hellboy was cool.

Anyways yeah there are enough batman related characters they need to span the roster out. I have to blame WB for it, they were the ones that made them censored some of the female characters and tone the sexyness down. So they probably had them put more batman characters in because they love putting out batman animated movies and stuff.

Smokehouse97d ago

Some cool concept art. Hopefully Constantine or krypto make it into MK..

Paradigmthefallen97d ago

Pretty clear Bluebird became Red Hood at some point early in development. Constantine would've been a marvelous payoff given his vanishing act in the comics - same for Detective Chimp. I can kind of understand why Penguin didn't end up on the list though, given he's not exactly durable.

Yi-Long97d ago

I don't mind Penguin missing as a character, but to be fair, they could have turned him into a fun weapon/gimmick based character, with exploding bird attacks, ravaging penguins, perhaps an ostrich flying in, some egg-tossing, etc etc.

Most fighting games have 1-2 characters who are a bit 'out there', in terms of wackiness. Penguin could have been used as such a character.

I'm more concerned about the censorship though. That always remains a negative.

Paradigmthefallen97d ago

I'm not really seeing any censorship here? Just a shift in priorities (more guest characters over DC mainstays)?

joedom97d ago

Constantine would've been so cool to play as :(

ghostrider3297d ago

Penguin can't even fight. Constantine definitely should have been on the game instead of Sub-Zero overrated ass.