SWTOR Patch 5.10 Developer Livestream Coverage

Here is run down of yesterdays SWTOR Developer livestream on Twitch.

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sampsonon99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

whoever makes the cinematic trailers for this game needs to be given the go ahead to make a weekly, hour long series. could you imagine how amazing that would be? Jesus.
But that would be a smart thing to do and for some reason Disney and Lucas Film want to make a children's show, which is fine but what about us more mature Star Wars fans?

It would also raise the player base for the game.

sampsonon98d ago

not live, just like these trailers would be way better because they could do much more, while still creating quality graphics.

kamper98d ago

I belive the company is called blue btw. They make a lot of cinimatics

sampsonon98d ago

thanks for the info. here's a petition for such a show