Star Citizen’s multiplayer demo shows off complex missions, $330 attack ship

Both will arrive with the 3.3 update to the game’s early alpha, which does not have a release date.

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lelo2play96d ago

I wouldn't call it the biggest scam in history... but yes, it's a pretty big scam.

Cobra95195d ago

True. Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme was much worse. Other than that, I can't think of other specific examples of worse scams. I'm sure they're out there.

sampsonon96d ago

i used to say the same thing but i think it's going to be a beast in another 10 yrs. i am surprised they have as much as they do already. game looks good, and i will give it a go n another 5 years once the base game is fully realized.

i give them credit for always updating and keeping their users informed.

looks better than 2077, though the actual game play isn't as good. give it time, i mean i haven't spent a dime on the game..... just waiting a while longer.

rainslacker96d ago

In ten years, this game will probably appear outdated. Roberts wants a game that is on the bleeding edge of presentation, and in the next few years, he's probably going to want to spend an exorbitant amount of time remastering the game to standards which don't even exist yet.

sampsonon95d ago

@rainslacker: at least he is taking chances, and the game is looking better and better.
Just saying

rainslacker94d ago

Sure, but release the game that he first sold to backers. They're all getting it digitally, so it's not like he can't offer up those other things after the actual release. Adding in a full new game mode before he even delivers one is slowing down development.

Game always looked great. But they're trying too hard to look great.

sampsonon94d ago

@rainslacker: looking at it from that point of view i understand what you're saying.

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abstractel96d ago

Why does this game have insane micro transactions? Will they disappear when it's complete? Why does its community defend them but attack EA?

Cobra95195d ago

Why would they disappear if people throw money at them? And who's defending Roberts et al here? Not many. Certainly not me.

thorstein97d ago

I stopped following the stories about this game. $330 attack ship? What? If you bought the game, didn't you "buy the game." I get how Kickstarter works, but no game that I ever supported gave me a competitive edge over other players because of how much money I spent.

Is this the birth of the Macrotransaction?

JangoMan97d ago

This game impressed me when No Man's Sky launched and failed to live up to its expectations. Back then it looked promising. Bit ver the years i lost insterest in it and where no man sky improvd so much since then that u can easily pick that up instead of this crap. I paid 60$ for this game and it punch back at you in the face with all these buyable super expensive ships in contrast to nothing special going on in exploration aspect of the game.

Sam Fisher96d ago

Every space game has failed this gen in some way. Waiting to see starfield from bethy now

Cobra95195d ago

I'm totally hooked on NMS Next myself. It gets samey. It has lots of issues. But I can't. stop. playing!

sprinterboy96d ago

One of the ships I saw was $750, that's more than the real car I own. Game sounds great, looks great but something just feels off.
Not saying it's a scam but I'm just gonna wait till about 2020 when it goes into beta.

iofhua96d ago

You should read about the guy who bought a Bengal Carrier. I think it was like $10,000 or something like that.

He later had buyer's remorse. No kidding!

Shikoku96d ago

Hahaha this thing wont be in beta by 2020 you'll be luck if its in beta by 2025 the way there dev cycle is going.

iofhua96d ago

All the ships in game can be earned by playing the game. The people dropping hundreds of dollars into it are funding the development and getting a little head start when the game is released.

bloop96d ago

"All the ships in game can be earned by playing the game."

Sure they can. After grinding for thousands of hours.

2pacalypsenow96d ago

“When the game is released”

sprinterboy96d ago

Angry Joe asked some questions to the devs and there response was something like this
"it takes 20 people to fly this ship (kraken I think) so the guild or crew can Split the cost of the $750."
The dev also went on to explain the insurance in the game if someone steals that ship you spent $750 on " it's simlar to insurance you have a excess to pay for you to get the ship back from the insurance company? So is that gonna be more money or in game credits to get your ship back?

bluefox75596d ago

Most expensive tech demo in history.

Shikoku96d ago

Yeah Im not buying 300$ digital items for a game thats just retarded.

Godmars29096d ago

You'd think people would smell something as soon as prices went over $20, but no.

kevnb96d ago

How did the in game purchases get so out of hand?

Agent_00_Revan96d ago

When morons kept buying them.

Godmars29096d ago

More like they kept supporting the Kickstarter. Kept throwing money at it.

Its the Fry meme taken to the extreme.

Cobra95195d ago

In a nutshell. Same story across the entire GaaS landscape.

sprinterboy96d ago

I know, when they sat there in their dev meeting how the hell did they think these prices were acceptable. The games already had 120million in funding. The problem is also on the gamers who will purchase these ships etc.
No wonder the devs and publishers think they can get away with it.
Its the same with the price hike in games, the standard edition is no longer the full game, so its the deluxe edition @£79.99 now which is what the standard edition used to be, black ops and rdr2 spring to mind off the store.

kevnb95d ago

I agree with the first part, the second part not so much. Games cost more and more to make and we also have inflation, nothing costs the same as it used to for long.

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