Capcom Wants To Release 3 Major Games Each Year; Focusing on World-Class Quality and Profitability

Capcom's executives are planning to release approximately three major games each year, while aiming to achieve both quality and profitability.

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Apocalypse Shadow102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Like I mentioned in the other article and just in my recent comments yesterday, if you don't make it right the first time with quality, don't expect it to sell. Don't expect me to buy it. That's why some of these games aren't moving.

*Making a game that has no single player or multiplayer that's hollow. .

The majority of gamers on playstation, xbox, switch and PC, don't play online and aren't paying for it. Why ignore that market? And short campaigns aren't worth the full price of $60. And, if they make a multiplayer game, it better be feature rich and not some grind fest for worthless cosmetic items. Grinding for points just for a useless hat.

Broken launch games.

Don't expect me to buy a game that's broken. Don't expect me to download a huge file that's about the size of the game itself. Journalists need to step up and tell us the game is broken and ignore the gifts and advertising payoffs. Companies need to test the game before releasing it.

Don't try and sell me episodic games where I have to wait for the rest. That only works if the next episode comes out the next month....consistently. Don't sell me items we all clearly know would fit on a bluray disc or the digital game file I'm downloading.

Put more effort. There's no excuse in 2018 to have poor A.I.,poor animation, poor sound quality and a reused game engine with all the resources available.

Capcom just needs to put in work and make something they would be more than willing to buy themselves. If not, don't try and sell it to me. And they won't need extra money in micro transactions if they did.

Games4ever102d ago

Just release Dragons Dogma 2 already.

princejb134102d ago

With capcom is all about profibility > quality

andibandit102d ago

But how many in Akihabara?

AK91102d ago

So basically for them it's Quantity over Quality.