7 Long Overdue Sequels That We're Still Waiting For

A list of seven notable games of the past, from 8 bit era to the early 2000s, that have not received any continuation in a while and will defenitely be great titles for modern platforms.

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silentstalker97d ago

I would like to see a Captain Commando sequel. This is one of the arcade games I really enjoyed when I was kid. One of the popular 'early' rpg game Vagrant Story also needs a sequel. It didn't have the impact of Diablo II but it was a unique game of its own and it paved way to the 'customization' we now enjoy in modern rpgs.

goodwin97d ago

Captain Commando definitely looks fun and would be a great return alongside Streets of Rage and Battletoads. But I actually would love to play a newer version of Blast Corps, a kind of crazy badass game we lack nowadays.
And of course, Jet Set Radio.

bluefox75597d ago

I wouldn't complain about a new side scrolling Gex.

Platformgamer96d ago

gex 4 with odiern tv parodies could be a platform masterpiece