PSN Flash Sale Now Live, Here's the Full Set of Deals

Sony has once again sprung a PSN flash sale and it’s now live for NA gamers! This week, there’s a lot of Ubisoft games at discounted prices, though it’s not a publisher sale. Check out the full list of discounted games.

Kyizen6d ago

Divinity 2 is 25% off tempting...

smooch_3576d ago

I agree, but I still have games released in 2015 in my backlog that I need to play...😫

Kyizen5d ago

Same so i'm holding off playing odyssey now, then picking up RDR2 and still got Destiny, Tales of Besteria and Yakuza 0 to play

ShinRon6d ago

best rpg on the system, gameplay wise anyway

Garrett_the_GOD6d ago

I still havent got around to playing the first Divinity but I'm considering getting it too..Ive heard nothing but great things about this game...ill probably hold off on it for a while longer because this time of the year is always packed with big Jan and Feb are full of great looking games as well

GTgamer5d ago

Persona 5 here I come PS5 better be backward compatible with PS4 because this backlog is getting out of hand

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Duke196d ago

Meh. These "deal" prices are right where most of these games are/can be bought for the same amount elsewhere.

Silly gameAr6d ago

Well, the PS Store is one more added place where people can buy these games for "deal" prices.

playnice6d ago

It is a mediocre sale... But I am optimistic it'll get more interesting going into the holidays :)

rpvenom6d ago

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is on sale already...

Crazyglues6d ago

guess the game bombed.... don't know why else it would be on sale already..

ThanatosDMC6d ago

It's a trash game with very poor story and ridiculous combat mechanics. You can stealth kill enemies in front of enemies and there's no reaction.

ILostMyMind6d ago

Why would I buy games "by the same amount elsewhere"?

Army_of_Darkness6d ago

@duke. .if they are the same price elsewhere, wouldn't it make more sense to buy them at the ps store for the convenience then instead of going "elsewhere"?

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thelaughingwiseman6d ago

"Flash Sale" and almost everything is like 30 dollars lol
Look, I get it won't be like Steam in sales or variety but at least make me think about buying games. If some of these games were 10 dollars less in price I'd have picked up one or two games (Vampyr and Far Cry 5 specifically).
I'm just waiting for that Horror game sales. Kind of hadn't seen many horror games (aside from those shit ton of remasters and remakes) this generation.

Any of you guys recommend any newer horror games on PS4?

littletad6d ago

Most of these games just released in the past few months, Origins is a year old now.

CaptRonRico6d ago

Kingdom come is 30 at Walmart. Lol

rainslacker6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

The publishers decide the prices, unless it's a Sony published game. Sony just has it's regular flash sales, and the publishers decide if they want to participate. Sometimes, I assume Sony goes for themes, and asks which publishers want to participate.

Same thing on Steam, just the expectation on Steam is that people will only pay less, but not all games on Steam's flash sales are cheap as dirt.

There are plenty of times where they have games on sale super cheap, just not always.

That being said, there aren't really any great deals on this sale. Maybe SoTTR if one wants it soon. There is a PSVR birthday sale which has some good offerings on it though.

Araragifeels 6d ago

Persona 5 for $25 and Shenmue 1-2 for $22.49 is very tempting. I am hesitanting because I scare that if I buy now and then it end up seeing chealer Black Friday. But then again sometimes Black Friday doesn't have the game for cheap.

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