Every battle royale game ranked from worst to best

Within the current gaming landscape, there’s one singular fact that cannot be disputed: battle royale is big.

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Skull521102d ago

Crazy to see how many games have blatantly ripped off PUBG in a relatively short time span. Obviously a list not to be taken seriously when Battlefield 5 is at the top of the list when zero footage exists, and certainly no one playing it outside of developers.

DarXyde102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Pretty difficult to find any game that doesn't draw inspiration from others, but I like to look at it like peer reviewed research: you could be the first to do something "new", and once the gates are open, others come in and do it better.

Simple as that.

kevnb102d ago

Some of these games are quite unfinished.

Leeroyw102d ago

Ridiculous list. Calling a game that's not out to be at the top of the list. How much you get paid for that Mr 'journalist'?
This is why you are all losing credibility. Stuff like this. Amongst others.

monochromer102d ago

He writes for Gamecrate. I doubt he gets paid. That'd take some actual ability to realistically consider the quality of content and lay it out properly.

Leeroyw102d ago

I agree with you and good point mono but I have friends in the journalism industry and they all admit the line between independent journalism and junket with free stuff is ridiculous.

PhantomS42102d ago

Insane twist, they are all the worst.

blvdnights1414102d ago

How do I delete that website from the internet?

chris235102d ago

battle royale is the epitome of boredom. i don‘t see what people are seeing in such a generic game mode.

Jrios355102d ago

It's all a matter of preference. Just because you find it boring, doesn't automatically mean the genre really is boring, or that everyone else should think it's boring too. It just simply means battle royale is not for you (This coming from someone who's not interested on the genre either).

Preference is key. You have you preference, as does everyone else.

generic-user-name102d ago

Almost as if people have different tastes to you or something.

kevnb102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Usually when I see these comments it means that person sucks. Battle royale is hard to get into if you really suck at games. People who suck have the experience of spawning and then just dying a few minutes later.

Gahl1k101d ago

I played PUBG, and he is right; it is boring. For the first few hours, it is fun as hell, then it gets extremely repetitive. People jump off planes, go to the same specific locations (all the time!), grab loot, camp, kill each other, run from the circle, camp, kill last player/s, end of match, rinse and repeat. Sometimes players team up to get advantage by manipulating the circle (using their number), camp the whole damn match on hills or in forests, then after killing everyone else, start killing each other—let alone the annoyingly popular one kill winning method. In other words, it is fun to watch but not to play.

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