Blizzard Rep Confirms Diablo III Cross-Platform Play

Yet another huge game from a major game developer is going to let players across competing game platforms play together.

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lxeasy95d ago

Awesome, so glad we never stopped pressuring sony. In the end us gamers win!

Skull52195d ago

For sure, I’m surprised at all the disagrees, as if they didn’t come out and say it you’d never realize it was happening. Hope more follow suit, nice to see I can finally play some games with my friends who own different consoles.

Tapani94d ago

Just bought Diablo 2 + Expansion today. Have got D3 with both expansions and playes it thro four times. When I fired up Diablo 2 today, it just instantly was the better game. From movies, writing of dialogue, character development, loot / trading / item system + other gems / runes, overall gameplay, to graphics style and grit etc. Going to have more fun than I had with D3 ever this weekend :)

Skull52194d ago

I hope one of the multiple diablo projects in the works is a modern d2 remaster, hopefully significantly better than the Starcraft remaster

ImGumbyDammit95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

For me this would be an example of why cross-play is great. I am not into Fortnite. However, I do love me a good smash session with friends on Diablo. I bought it on Xbox and several friends have it on Xbox and even to this day we play online together. My nephew has it on his PS4 and if cross-play comes there I can add him to the list of possible gamers and play with him. I also have Switch but wasn't going to buy it again and start over but, this may change my mind especially if it comes with cross-progression. That means I can play on the run with friends on other systems and play it on Xbox when I am at home. I am actually excited seeing this cross-play become a reality.

lxeasy95d ago

yeah i've said it for a long time now, games like Diablo, For Honor, Overwatch, etc... many years from now will benefit from this

gangsta_red95d ago

We definitely need more dungeon crawlers type games like Diablo. Love these style of games.

Will be great if Blizzard can add crossplay across all consoles, hopefully Sony allows it to happen on their end.

Kribwalker95d ago

i’d love that. Diablo 3 was one of my favourite dungeon crawlers of all time. Crossplay for that one would surely mean Blizzard is thinking about crossplay for something like overwatch too. I love the direction the industry is going with crossplay. One of my dreams since online console gaming really started in the early 2000s (i know the dreamcast and even earlier consoles had it but it wasn’t used a lot until the likes of Xbox Live) Was having crossplay.
Great time to be a gamer and see all the changes in the industry

paintedgamer198495d ago

I mean this is great and all but who really cares if a 2012 game (2014 ps4) has cross play.

Switch4One95d ago

Why does it bother you though? You're not forced in any shape or form to partake.

Sgt_Slaughter95d ago

Why do gamers try to suppress other gamers? It's bonkers.

wonderfulmonkeyman95d ago

A small, solid group of open-minded gamers, you mean.
People need to quit trying to frame cross play as a bad thing.

gamer780495d ago

diablo games are very well crafted, they don't lose their appeal quickly and usually stand the test of time.

lxeasy95d ago

Enough gamers care to cause change

King_Noctis95d ago

Uhh...Diable 3 is still getting patch and supported till this day. Not bad for a 2012 game huh?

sprinterboy94d ago

I mean your comment is great and all but who really cares

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The story is too old to be commented.