Epic Games Blocking Mouse & Keyboard Adapters for Fortnite

While most people play on consoles and use a regular controller for input, some will go to any lengths to gain an advantage even going so far as to buy a mouse and keyboard adapter that will let them use said peripherals to gain an unfair advantage.

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excaliburps1103d ago

Finally, right? You can tell who's using XIMs in COD, etc., via the killcam. Super fast reflexes and whatnot are usually a dead giveaway.

rainslacker1103d ago

I think a better solution would be to give the option to use them, but also the option that others could not be matched with those players.

Mouse and keyboard support should really be better supported on consoles, but I think the console makers are too worried about inequitable experiences in mp, but my solution tends to fix the problem anyways.

EmperorDalek1103d ago

Sounds like too much of a matchmaking nightmare for something not many people will use. I like the idea of strategy games supporting them, along with single-player components in other kinds of games though.

CaptainCook1103d ago

"I think a better solution would be to give the option to use them"

No, because it's blatantly cheating using XIM that detects keyboard and mouse as a controller. The cheater will have aim assist and other pc perks.

rainslacker1103d ago


Wouldn't that be alleviated with a console level support of a KB/M though? Something official where it can be controlled? Would require official hardware though, which may not please those who wish to have programmable keyboards.


Dunno about nightmare, as its just a setting selection. I can see it dividing a playerbase though.

Otherwise, yeah, strategy games would be great for KB/M, but if they have a MP component, then it can still cause the same contention. Again though, it'd have to be something official to keep it equitable.

Its all just wishful thinking though. Unless the systems put in better KB/M support, it's not likely devs will ever really support it.

rageholic1103d ago

Fortnite already has that though. If you play with a controller on PC you only get matched with controller players. KB&M is natively supported on PS4. You can use it but you only get matched with other KB&M players. What this guy was doing was blatantly cheating. He was tricking the system into thinking he was using a controller for a competitive advantage. Probably because he sucks when matching players on a level playing field.

rainslacker1103d ago

AH. So they're only blocking the people who are circumventing the intended use of the product? If so, then I don't see any problem with that, and its a good thing that the choice is given.

Seraphim1103d ago

it's great in theory but as emperor mentioned, a matchmaking nightmare. Plus now you're segregating your user base on console. If it's a popular enough game and enough players are taking advantage of the feature then it could work. Though they'd also have to ensure that a player using a controller couldn't plug in the keyboard and mouse after loading into a controllers only game. Even with enough players you're still segregating the community.

Having had a gaming PC in the past I definitely understand people wanting to use keyboard and mouse to play games. Controllers are great and all but there really is no equal to keyboard and mouse. The precision, smooth control, etc are far superior using a mouse imho.

I don't think it's necessarily console makers either. End of the day players and developers want equal footing for online games.

Skull5211102d ago

Surprised anyone would care enough to try and get an advantage. Being the best Fortnite player in the world is equivalent to the bottom 10% of PUBG players.

knickstr1102d ago

So what would stop someone from setting up after its placed them in a lobby or match?

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Teflon021103d ago

Come on, CoD you definitely can't tell. I know people that aimed perfect with a control back in the MW2 days at max sensitivity. CoD has so much aim assist that you're probably looking more unreal on a control than mouse

KillZallthebeast1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

As a teen I played battlefield 1942 and veitnam then moved onto ps3 shooters like resistance and the first modern warfare. I went from being able to 180 headshot with a mouse to just only being able to manage things directly in front of me. Not a compliant really just a noticeable change from mouse and keyboard to controller.

PurpHerbison1103d ago

I'm not sure exactly what it is but mouse and keyboard feels disgusting on console. I tried it out on Fortnite before awhile back and I can't put my finger on it. Meanwhile on PC it obviously feels great. Maybe theres a bunch of input delay?

Cobra9511102d ago

If mouselook is not natively supported, it is definitely going to feel wonky to anyone with PC experience. I imagine that mouse inputs have to be converted to some sort of modulated joystick inputs (on consoles without the built-in support). Delay and inaccuracy are the most likely downsides.

KillBill1103d ago

No you can't. You can imagine that you can tell a XIM player by simply looking at how they play but you can't really. I don't use XIM and get called out often for cheating and I actually suck at Fortnite, but when I do get a kill for some reason everyone thinks the only way I killed them was because I had to be cheating. People today are just looking for reasons as to why they died. And main reason... because you aren't as good as you imagine.

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gtxgamer21103d ago

Good. Learn how to use a controller or just get a gaming pc.

Cobra9511102d ago

I use both. For controlling vehicles, joysticks and progressive triggers rule. For anything that emulates human-like motion, mouselook rules. I see no reason why console players can't get the same choice. My understanding is that support is on the way, if not already here.

I'm all for blocking cheaters. I'm not at all for restrictions on what kind of control device I can use.

PitbullMonster1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

Wait, when developers can see what periphery players use. Why the R6 Siege developers dont use that and ban these M&K players?!

AspiringProGenji1103d ago

People using Mouse and Keyboard are also killing Overwatch competitive on console. I have asked myself the same thing

zahdab1103d ago

I dont understand these people is like getting a ferrari to race a Chevrolet spark ... what sense of accomplishment do they get !

Sirk7x1103d ago

It it so obvious when people are using a mouse in OW. Ruins the entire game for everyone. The advantage you have is overwhelming if you're playing any aim-reliant hero.

FPSFox1103d ago

But according to MS and The Coalition, There's no significant advantage! That's why Gears of War has cross-play! lol...

rainslacker1103d ago

I think there is more advantage to someone who is just a good player and takes the time to learn to master the controls. I could do that easier with a mouse and keyboard, which is why I prefer that for fps games, as I'm not a master of analog control, and a button master. Bu if I don't really take the time to learn how to play then it won't matter if I'm playing against a better player.

FPSFox1103d ago

I think a good player will be good on a controller, but a master on KB&M. The skill ceiling is simply higher with the added precision. If that weren't the case. Epic wouldn't be taking the time the block these peripherals.

zahdab1103d ago

Its like saying a better player only needs a knife in a gun fight ... doesnt matter if other players are using better equipment...

rainslacker1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )


I think a good player on a keyboard would have an advantage over a good player on the controller. But overall, any good player is probably going to be good regardless of input method.


No, not really.

It's more like saying that a person with a knife is likely to be at an advantage over a near sighted person that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with that gun. There are controller players who can hold their own against a good KB/M player. Knowing how to use a knife, or how to approach the person with the gun, can make all the difference in who would win that fight. Although, realistically, I feel the difference in KB/M vs controller to a good vs bad player are not quite as drastic as the advantages of a knife vs gun vs the skill level of their weilders.

I can be decent enough on a KB/M, but there would still be people on controllers who could beat me. But if I learned the game better, then I could be better than the controller person if I put my mind to it. KB/M has me fighting less with learning how to be good.

Cobra9511102d ago

The best KB+M players will cream the best controller players in competitive shooters. Average KB+M players will cream average controller users. And of course, the really good controller players will destroy anyone who's fair to middling, regardless of control device.

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Concertoine1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

Well honestly Gears 4 is the only game i’d say is easier to play on a controller at a higher level. The advanced movement (wallhopping and stuff) feels way more natural on a controller. I play on PC and use a controller.

Yeah its easier to aim on mouse and keyboard but movement is more important than aiming in Gears.

kneon1103d ago

That's why I've never liked using a keyboard, besides being ergonomically inferior, movement using keys just sucks.

I have a Frag FX for PS3 that gives you the advantages of a mouse plus the advantages of a controller, but I rarely ever used it. It's just so much more comfortable to use a controller.

FPSFox1103d ago

That's not correct in the slightest. If you'd like me to educate you in a private match, I'll gladly do it. Not to be an ass or rub it in your face, but simply to show you you're statement is not correct. It's a popular saying in the Gears community only because 99% of players are on console and they don't like admitting they're at a disadvantage.
I'm a max lvl diamond, my KDR is over 2.5 in ranked, 4.0 in social... I get bare minimum 5 txt msgs a day calling me a cheater and claiming I have an aim-bot.. Movement does not trump aim. Period.

TheVigilanteCode1102d ago

I play on PC.

This is one of the most glorified myths from the PC population (agenda to push crossplay because we had 0 players to play with in ranked before crossplay was allowed) and the console community's inferiority complex that stops them from acknowledging the basic fact that the KB/M is VASTLY superior to a controller's camera movement and character movement (bouncing).


Thank you so much for calling this bullshit out mate!

Software_Lover1103d ago

.............. And you turn this into a console war argument. Nice going buddy!!

Dropdeadll1103d ago

There isn't much precision aiming in gears, gameplay is just shotguns and wallbouncing and anolog stick is better for movement. gears is like 80%movement/position and 20%aim that's why PC crossplay kinda works in that game but PC still has the edge

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Majin-vegeta1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

Already has a work around...pretty useless.

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