VGR: Littlest Pet Shop Winter Review


"The game seems to be more focused on simple and quick mini-games like painting your pet, putting on items like glasses, hats and so on. You can get new pets to join the area by buying their ticket to come, although it's incredibly easy and without much challenge. I didn't have a sense of satisfaction from doing anything in LPS, I just found it to be annoying and boring. Having said that, I can definitely see the appeal that younger girls will find with the game. I just can't see how it would appeal to me or to any other male gamers over 5. Graphically, the game looks fairly good but it won't win any awards, nor will it for its soundtrack that gets annoying too easily.

Littlest Pet Shop Winter is a game that will please young girls in playing with pets through mini-games and host pet parties with friends, there's no online play and the gameplay can be very repetitive after a won't appeal to most people, but that audience of girls at 6-12 will find some enjoyment out of it."

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