Ember Sword Is A New Cross-Platform Sandbox MMORPG

Ember Sword is a cross-platform sandbox MMORPG that lets players own, control, and evolve the fantasy universe as landowners and acquire scarce cosmetics through PVP and PVE activities as opposed to through lootboxes.

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chris2358d ago

oh no. another generic mmorpg. sigh.

SuneEmber7d ago

Hopefully not. In fact, have a look at the website and the FAQ on our sub-reddit (r/EmberSword), and you'll start to get a sense of why Ember Sword is far from generic.
All the best, Sune - one of the developers.

gtxgamer27d ago

Nintendo switch needs a good mmo

Gh05t7d ago

LOL what no mention of block chain and cryptocurrency in this article. Seems odd since thats how the devs originally pitched this thing.

Purchase land through the Ethereum Blockchain to build & monetize experiences and services other players interact with."

"This is the MMO of the future - think Runescape meets Albion!"
- JoshBaked, StreamersConnected

Kind of a biased opinion since they are a partner with the company but you know whatever.

Also that sounds terrible! Runescape was fun for its time and Albion was a disaster of a release with a company who charged me 2x after I cancelled the subscription. The economy only worked out for those in a guild and severely hindered you if you like to play solo.

SuneEmber7d ago

Sune here, one of the developers. Let me know if I can answer any specific questions for you, and I'll circle back to this comment section tomorrow to answer them :)
The article didn't mention blockchain and crypto because it's not the main focus of Ember Sword, and so our first press release didn't include a lot about those parts. We're making a game for gamers, with the many advantages of the blockchain, but without players having to know anything about blcockahin or cryptocurrencies.

You can read more about this in the FAQ a community member has posted over on our sub-reddit (r/EmberSword). It'll hopefully give you a good idea of the game.

Also, we've obviously not taken inspirations from the parts that Albion failed at ;)

PurpHerbison7d ago

Visually it doesn't look like my cup of tea but I am all for MMORPGs that attempt to give a non p2w experience.