Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Review [Gadgets 360]

Gadgets 360: "Make no mistake, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a polished effort. If you can stomach its ridiculous day one patch, lack of single-player, and its high price, you'll be treated to one of the better multiplayer experiences in recent memory. For many though, the entry barrier may just be too high to bother."

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jordan22290ps10d ago

I mean the day one patch does kinda suck, but I'm not sure if it should count into a score of how the game plays and if it's fun. Plus "expensive in certain markets" as a con? I could def be wrong, but that's the first time I've seen that brought up in a review.

milkshake210d ago

Ikr? And each of these ridiculous cons equals one point deducted. Totally madness.

Blastoise10d ago

I doubt it works like that. Games don't start as a 10 and then you mark them down 1 score per issue

TheDriz10d ago

@Blastoise Many reviews do indeed work that way.

1nsomniac10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Completely valid points for a review, why wouldn’t they be?

With the removal of a vitally known segment of the game (sp) you want to know if you’re still getting value seeing how their is no reduction in price whatsoever.

Then there’s the day one patch, the size of this makes it far, far from normal & if people struggle with data limits this is vital information. Being multiplayer only the game is worthless in its physical form because it’s unplayable. Again, there is absolutely no doubt that should be accounted for in a review.

Your response is what I would expect from your stereotypical COD player, which is unfortunate that, that mentality still exists.

Greg280110d ago

So a singeplayer campaign that you play one time, maybe two times, has more value than a battle royale mode?

Just look at how succesfull Fortnite with only a Battle Royale mode.

They went al out with the MP, the Zombie mode and Black Out

Zombies and Multiplayer are the two most played modes of Call of Duty.

I personally think this was the smartest move they made. I am enjoying this game a lot.
And i know i can play this for a long time.

1nsomniac10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

You do realise you’re paying £60-£90 for one and the other is completely free?

You do realise that, right??

TheDriz10d ago

This is the first COD I have played since MW2.

First, there is no "campaign" but there is a story and single player content. These reviewers who say otherwise did not play the game like I did last night. This is their product and they can price it however they see fit. Don't buy it if you don't want it but please come on here and waste everybody's time even though you are not a paying customer. "Your response is what I would expect from your stereotypical COD player, which is unfortunate that, that mentality still exists." <- my proof. So thanks!

Second, they are not the only ones to have a big day one patch. At 9 pm last night the game unlocked for me and I was able to play with no additional downloads and was completely lag free. I know that I can't speak for everyone, but as someone who doesn't even own the game, you certainly cannot either.

Third, do you have to be mean? Like seriously who hurt you. If you don't like COD players then why are you here commenting on this article. You my not friend, are an ass hat. Please apologize to the world for existing and tell your parents they fucked up. See now that was really mean and I held back.

kevnb10d ago

High price? The game has a ton of content at launch.

MaximusTKG10d ago

The zombies mode alone is more than worth the price of entry. Typically these games release with one , maybe two maps of varying quality, this one has 3. I played all 3 last night, and the sheer amount of customization I put into my 3rd playthrough was crazy.

1nsomniac10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Wow COD mentality of the mentally inefficient. “It’s worth full price alone because it has 3 levels”

The single most retarded thing I’ve ever heard!

l33t_haxx0r10d ago

Really? 3 zombie maps?? Wow cool... Wait, zombies hasn't been relevant in years, they are boring now.

kingjohnm10d ago

most hidden behind a £40 season pass

Father__Merrin10d ago

Usually in the UK games cost 49.99 with console launches, then after a few years full price games come in at 39.99 etc. Only really cod came in at 44.99 but now almost every game is 49.99 it's too much

kevnb10d ago

there is something called inflation.

kingjohnm10d ago

not forgetting the other editions like the crazy 179.99 plastic box lol

Elda10d ago

A 7 sounds about right.

Altovoltage21410d ago

I bet you haven’t even played it.

Elda10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Don't want to when it doesn't have a campaign & I played the beta. Watched more game play on PS Live,reading this article & the fact that it was stripped of it's campaign it deserves a 7.

Concertoine10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I played it through gameshare, its my first COD since blops 1. The zombies mode is insane! Theres so much crap on my screen and it feels over complicated. Also, the characters cant let 10 seconds go by without spouting some quirky line. Ugh. Maybe it’ll grow on me?

Blackout is pretty fun, and i won the first game i played when the game launched at midnight lol.

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