Star Wars: Kotor remake project blocked by LucasFilm

Star Wars: The remake project of KOTOR, Aperion, has been imposed and cancelled.

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JCOLE1319599d ago

Truly awful news... can’t say I’m surprised though. Was really looking forward to this.

mark_parch99d ago

yep I gave up on the idea of an official kotor remake or sequel a few years ago. This was the next best thing and actually looking pretty good. The only way we will see an official kotor game now is if they fill it with micro-transactions unfortunately.

shuvam0999d ago

I was soo stupid to read it as "Star Wars: Kotor remake project backed by LucasFilm"...

Born2Game8399d ago

Were u really looking forward to this knowing it will get shutdown?? I honestly hate these people. They get you hyped up knowing they will never go anywhere because of legal reasons and play the hero/victim card saying oh we would've totally finished it. If it weren't for legal reasons....................... .

ThinkAgain99d ago

I was dying for a new KOTOR game :(

chris23599d ago

thanks. no one needed a reheat of this game anyway.

Snookies1299d ago

Hmm, based on that ratio of up/down votes, it would seem you're the only one who feels that way.

Gahl1k99d ago

WOW, chris, you really have nothing positive to say about any game, ever...

RabbitFly99d ago

This was doomed to happen

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The story is too old to be commented.