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Black Ops 4 makes a sacrifice that’s sure to be off-putting to some with the lack of a campaign, but the surrender of tradition comes with sweeping and significant benefits. Blackout is the best battle-royale experience available today, zombies offers crazy customizable co-op, and multiplayer keeps things grounded for those looking for the classic core.

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DarkVoyager10d ago

“Blackout is the best battle-royale experience available today“

That’s a bold claim but great to hear. We need more competition.

NecrumOddBoy10d ago

Why are they calling this Black Ops 4 if there's no storyline? Why not just CALL OF DUTY as a platform, and what will become of the other COD studio's games?

Newmanator10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Because it shares many of the same elements of previous Black Ops games. It shares some of the same elements as Modern Warfare 1. It's almost like it's the same engine

TheDriz10d ago

There is a storyline. I didnt read the review but there is missleading info out there.

paydayp10d ago

calling it the best battle-royale experience today and giving it a 9.5 with it only being out just a day, i think makes this review unbelievable. multiplayer games are carried by the community and gameplay.
just one day is too early to give it a score even if they had early acces majority of the people are just coming in give it at least a week of intensive play with the whole world.

GrontB10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Well GameStop and Gameinformer are two peas in the same pod. I don't think this game was getting reviewed under a 9. With the popularity of Battle Royale and a COD with Battle Royale in it, this game is guaranteed to sell. Wouldn't let some review slow that down.

It is a fun Battle Royale, quick to jump in and out of. I just don't see how that, some rehashed Multiplayer and a few zombies levels dignifies a 9.5.

-Foxtrot10d ago

Reminds me of Metal Gear Solid V how they said it was one of the best open world games yet after a day or so of playing you realised it was baron, repetitive and lacking any life. If reviewers played on it for more then a day they'd have known it got old fast.

--Onilink--10d ago

to be honest, i think that claim right now is pure BS .

a BR game or mode will live or die by the kind of constant support it has, which right now we have no way of knowing for COD. Specially considering its Activision we are talking about.

If there is one thing that Fortnite proved against PUBG, is the need for constant updates to keep things fresh

Hopefully they do actually provide proper support (without paywalling extra content like they do for everything else), because it could be very promising

neutralgamer19929d ago

No FN and PUBG need constant updates because they are still in early access. This game is launching at full price ready to play

This is coming from a non COD fan

--Onilink--6d ago

I cant even remember the last fornite update that has anything to with being “early acces” (which is actually just the save the world mode that is)

They keep adding new weapons and items, vehicles, modify the map, etc. Thats the kind of support Im talking about

generic-user-name10d ago

'B-b-but it has no single player, wah wah wah'

King_Noctis10d ago

This kind of thinking is what push the devs to be greedy like this. Sure there is no denying that it has a good multiplayer, but why take the SP portion of the game out when it has been a staple of CoD for so long?

Their excuses might be “who play campaign in CoD?” That couldn’t be further from the truth. Alot of people play it and enjoy it in the past games.

kevnb10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Only 9 percent of players finished the last black ops campaign. Don’t like it then don’t buy it. It’s not lazy, it’s simply a business decision.

thrust10d ago

Why waste time on something only 9% play hahaha that’s just bad business!

Edito10d ago

I'm not buying this game because I don't go for MP on CoD and I played every single CoD just for the campaign and i'm skipping this.

UltraNova10d ago

9% of ~20million+ are actually a shitload of people who play the SP part of COD. As for spending time and resources crap you people say, if Activision, the biggest, richest company
in this industry doesn't have the resources required to give for their biggest money maker (just like they have for all previous entries) then who the hell does?

You guys need to get your shit together asap and realize that yeah a lot of people liked CODs SP mode and you cant change that.

thrust10d ago

Getting dislikes and guess what the game has no SP so am right 🤣🤣🤣

paintedgamer198410d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Although, i did enjoy .6666666667 of single player versions of theses games (2/3 on Blackops games) my favorite in recent memory was the single player on BO2 and least favorite was BO3, if BO4 was just more of the same im perfectly fine with it not being there... Even if B04 single player was AMAZING its still what the industry calls a 1 and done game. Once i beat it thats it and for many months (and sometimes years) i still go back to the mp. Id actually like to see a game for next gen that has all the stages from mp including zombies released on 1 game. Or like all the zombie maps at 4k 60.

I do agree, i hope this isnt a trend going forward but, if the single player of that game was never its shining achiement i say trash that shit and make the mp be as great as it can. Which might be what we are seeing here. Orr make the single player a DLC for a cheap fee afterwards. Maybe for like 10-20$ and that single player ver. comes with maps and other goodies

Imalwaysright10d ago

It's not this " kind of thinking". It's us gamers and our wallets that push devs to do this. It's us gamers that make mp focused games by far the biggest and most profitable games in this industry. If you want to point fingers you should be pointing them at yourself, me and every gamer out there.

Elda10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Absolutely! My main reason was buying COD was for the campaign & I know I'm not the only one.

RealtorMDandDC10d ago

I've beaten every COD single player campaign. This COD is a no buy for me. I will never pay FULL PRICE for HALF of a game inundate with micro-transactions. This is a very sad day in gaming.

PoopsMcGee10d ago

Only 9% FINISH the campaign. A much higher percentage play it but not until the end.

Not that I care either way - I haven't played a COD since I was a tester on CoD: World at War lol. It just bugs me when people start misstating the facts (not you kevnb)

MrBeatdown10d ago

What's greedy about it? They added an entirely new mode.

And there are a dozen CoD games. They tried something different instead of the same. Is anyone really itching to play their thirteenth or fourteenth CoD campaign?

We always tell devs doing yearly releases to take a year off. Now people are complaining that CoD isn't more of the same every year.

KillBill9d ago

@thrust. - that 9% was a number associated with finishing the campaign and not actually playing it. To be fair the vast majority of ALL games are not finished.

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Edito10d ago

What are you talking about??? They said best BR Experience and that's it...

jordan22290ps10d ago

Why are people using 9% out of 20 million players is a lot so we should be heard argument? You know what's bigger than that 9%? The other 91%!!! GTFO with that. It's you 9% that are trying to make gamers feel like buying a f'ing game is a sin. And it's you 9% that bring the negativity and piss everyone else off. Just don't buy it. Why come on here just to incite other gamers who are the overwhelming majority? Say what you want but at the end of the day I'm sure a good amount of you will buy it anyways

milkshake210d ago

The loudest minority lol. And yeah i'm pretty sure they'll end up buying it.

starchild9d ago

I don't even really play Call of Duty that much and I'm not much of a fan. I've played a few campaigns and a bit of the multiplayer but that's it. Still, I can't stand the toxic portion of the gaming community. Everything apparently sucks these days.

KillBill9d ago

Slow your roll... the 9% is simply a number of players that have FINISHED the campaign in the past. Not PLAYED the campaign. If you look at the number of players that don't reach max level in a multiplayer game then likely you will see something similar.

Cartman5512510d ago

Having worked in a game store, you'd be surprised how many gamers don't play online. CoD was very popular for its offline modes.

generic-user-name9d ago

You'd be surprised how many people will get this just for Blackout mode. The sales will tell the tale I guess.

Cartman551258d ago

@generic-user-name I wouldn't be surprised, considering I'm one of them lol

silentstalker9d ago

Gone are those good old days.

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V10Elit3x10d ago

If it had campaign I would played it. I got a free copy of BO4, since I bought a combo with Asus Rog strix motherboard and Intel Cpu for my PC.

Gahl1k10d ago

You can't sell that copy, right? $45-$50 sitting right there.

V10Elit3x10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

@Gahl1k. No. Its tied to my hotmail through my local retailer. Needed also pictures of receipt and pictures of the motherboard to even get into the promotion.

agent1310d ago

I know bo4 has a good multiplayer and all, but it's always an incomplete and forgettable game without a story mode that's the series signature how could they remove it.
bo4 doesn't deserve to get 9.5 i'd give it a 7 based on the open beta.

Jinger10d ago

Wasn't their statistics like only 10% of their playerbase even finishes the campaign? I'd say drop that 10% and give your 90% more content and one of the most polished BR modes to date.

KillBill9d ago

Have you seen the number of players that have not even maxed out their levels in multiplayer games...? Likely a similar stat. Point being finishing a game in general is just a rare thing these days.

Sure people enjoy their multiplayer... I myself am one of them. But for sure in the past the only reason I ever bought COD was for campaign.

thrust10d ago

It’s getting 9s from a lot of people the game is amazing 😉

Prettygoodgamer10d ago

COD gets 9 every year and the game is compete crap every year ....

thrust10d ago

I guess your not a pretty good gamer then online and that’s why you hate it 😂👍

MaximusTKG10d ago

You would give a final game a score....based on a beta? Are you sure you know what a beta is?

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