The Insider #80 – Obsidian To Join Xbox

Microsoft looks set to bolster its ranks even further with the impending purchase of Obsidian Entertainment, the team responsible for Fallout New Vegas, South Park The Stick of Truth, KOTOR II and many more. In a new episode of the Insider, Player 2 looks at what it could mean for Microsoft.

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Edito1195d ago

I like this thing, having new studios is nice but what Microsoft fails to understand is this:

1. They are adopting grownup childrens with habits and soul, habits that they acquired during they growth - That doesn't work that's why it's nice to adopt when they are still very young

2. If you don't have the talent to make it happen by yourself don't expect some else to make it happen for you

I mean they have talented developers that are doing garbage games beside Playground that I must say they are doing a phenomenal work with Forza Horizon and for the first time I considered buying an xbox just for that game, i bought it for PC and it's an amazing game hands down... but that's it... if they can't inspire 343 and the others no matter how many studios they buy, they will just mess them up and throw it away...