Call of Duty: Blackout is a headshot to PUBG (and that’s just fine)

Call of Duty is likely the beginning of the end for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and, frankly, they deserve it.

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ravinash98d ago

PUBG for all it's bugs, there are 3 very different maps with more on the horizon.
For all the stuff you can spend your money on in the game, nothing that you purchase will give you an advantage.
If they sorted out the bugs and cheaters, then they would almost be there.

How well COD take over their market will depend on 3 things.
1. Will extra maps keeps getting added and will you need to pay for them.
2. Will they go the Fortnite route and keep changing just the one map.
3. Will they drop the whole thing for the new game next year.

Also people seem to forget that COD has had it's own problem with cheaters.
Will all these old cheats from previous versions of COD work in the new game?
Will they bother to try and fix that seeing as they didn't seemed that bother in previous versions of COD.