Tales of Bundle with three games is on sale for $24

The popular Tales of RPG series has a bundle with three games on sale right now for $23.99. The bundle includes Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Zestiria, and Tales of Berseria. The sale ends in a week.

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FallenAngel19841193d ago

Every should enjoy Tales of goodness

TheColbertinator1192d ago

Nice bargain for Symphonia and Berseria

rainslacker1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

I liked Zesteria, despite the disdain for it. I didn't like the leveling system, as it wasn't explained in full until near the end of the game, and it was easy enough to have your stats screwed up by then. Nor the overly complex equipment and union system which made it more frustrating upgrading equipment because you didn't want to give up a bonus for what amounted to a stat boost.

Plus, combat enemy AI was frustrating, as it's biggest thing was just running away from you if you targeted it, so it became harder to group enemies together, and led to a lot of running around the battle field with an often annoying camera or obstructions in the battlefield. Was also way too easy to be interrupted by enemies during excessively long cast times for many of the mystic artes, and the short cast time ones were mostly useless as you'd usually be caught up in a combo if you were close enough to use them.

other than that, I found it enjoyable.

Otherwise, Beseria was great, and Symphonia is awesome.

I'd definately say play Beseria before Zesteria though. While not necessary, it makes Zesteria's story a bit more coherent, even though much of the relationship with Maltalous and the lord of chaos leaves some questions given the rather beautiful ending in Beseria. But when you look at Beseria in retrospect after Zesteria you see a lot of meaning to that story which isn't instantly relevant, and makes you want to go back and play it again.

gangsta_red1192d ago

Some excellent JRPGing right here.

Out of those three, Berseria was the best.

rainslacker1192d ago

Beseria was quite the surprise in how good it was. Once I understood how the battle system worked with building one's gauge, I found it quite enjoyable. Lots of artes jargon thrown in though, and trying to keep up with what all the different types of beings were I didn't quite understand until much later in the game.

I played it before Zesteria, and was skeptical because of the reviews and criticism surrounding Zesteria. I still liked zesteria, although give some grievances above.

Symphonia is a classic though, but can feel kind of dated in the combat sections compared to more recent tales games.

gangsta_red1192d ago

You know, I may be getting Zesteria and Xillia confused.

I believe Zesteria wasn't that good along with Xillia 2.

Because I do remember there were some back to back Tales games that didn't live up to the previous games.

But I do remember Berseria and it was excellent. The characters were great especially the main protagonist.

rainslacker1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Maybe. Beseria was the prequel to Zesteria. Xillia was more of the traditional tales with two different worlds separated from one another. That was more abstract in Zesteria and Beseria.

Xillia was good, but I feel that's because I liked Jude and Milla a lot. Xillia 2 was OK, although disappointing to Xillia 1, and a bit too much of a rehash after a while.

I felt Beseria had one of the best main casts in the entire Tales series.

Graces had a the two main characters great, and what I think is one of the best stories in the series, and the supporting ones good, but Beseria was good all around. Plus, fully fleshed out NPC characters which were integral to the story.

Symphonia was strong in all areas, although I can't really remember much of it since it's been a long while since I played it, and not sure how I'd feel about it playing it now....although I have chronicles in my backlog for Vita.

As far as the quality of Zesteria....I can't say it was amazing. But I ended up enjoying it. It had it's good qualities, and I actually did like the story, although it started off strong, then kind of had nothing happening for most of the middle of the game, then rushed through to the climax.

Teflon021192d ago

I had Berseria already but for me it says $21 and change. Does having the monthly sub change the price or something? I ended up buying Zesteria and Symphonia for like $15 or something on HB

SegaGamer1191d ago

You get an extra 10% off everything if you are on their monthly subscription.

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