October 2018 Xbox Update Rolling Out Today

by Jason Ronald:
If we could pull your attention away from exploring the beautiful scenery and becoming a Horizon Superstar in historic Britain with Forza Horizon 4, we have some new Xbox One features to share. The October 2018 Xbox Update adds new ways to express yourself with Avatars, interact with your console with Voice Skills, and enjoy your favorite streaming content.

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darthv72277d ago

Avatars are back.... great (eye roll). They are still trying to push for voice connectivity I see. This time Alexa is involved.

The addition of dolby vision is nice though.

gangsta_red277d ago

"Avatars are back.... great (eye roll). "

I seriously do not see a point to them unless they incorporate them into games like the XNA community did back on the 360.

And that doesn't seem to be happening.

MrPerfect813276d ago

Would be nice if Rare or some other Microsoft group would create something like Nintendoland or Mario party on xbox like Nintendo does....

gangsta_red276d ago

Agreed, a Xbox Cart game would also be cool to see and have it use these Avatars

gamer7804276d ago

I loved games like Full House Poker and 1 VS 100 using the avatars, hopefully they make an appearance

darthv72276d ago

1v100.... that needs to come back. That was fun. Id get home to try and make it into the mob and I did for 1 time.

Bigpappy276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

They were using them in Kinect games last gen. But they are useful to toy around with in lobbies for some of us ‘less serious ‘ gamers.

The thing I never understand is why things that are choices anger those who would never use them?

I also live the option to use voice commands and voice searches. Hate typing on game pads.

DiRtY276d ago

"The thing I never understand is why things that are choices anger those who would never use them?"

People hate other people for loving other people with the same sex.
Stuff that never affect their lives still makes people mad. That is just normal now, I guess.

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DarkVoyager276d ago

For some reason this reminds me of 2013 all over again.

mark_parch276d ago

I think it would be amazing if they started releasing games around the new avatars. A kart game is an obvious choice

maybelovehate276d ago

Don't care about Avatars but Dolby Vision on Netflix is very nice indeed.

Skull521276d ago

As the owner of a 2016 LG OLED this update irritates me. Was super excited for this update but when I tried to change my settings “Your TV supports an older version of Dolby Vision not supported by Xbox”

maybelovehate276d ago

That sucks. I have a 2017 LG but I have no issues. Looks great.

timotim276d ago

I honestly hope Microsoft has a AAA game in the works utilizing these avatars. Ive been saying for a long time now that they should bring back the Fuzion Frenzy IP and incorporate these avatars in it. While these would be the stars of the show, their should be dozens and dozens of Xbox characters to unlock...Chief, Marcus Fenix, Banjo, Kameo, Minecraft, Cortana etc. Mix in cart racing, original FF game types, Crash Course game types, brawl game types...release it on console, PC, mobile...would be a hit for sure.

mark_parch276d ago

I think this is an amazing idea. but it comes with challenges, like how do you incorporate the new avatars with disabilities into some of these games.

timotim276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

Thanks! It's a great idea for sure, and one that makes sense to its user base. Would even reintroduce classic characters to a whole new generation. In terms of Avatars with disabilities...I don't think it's anything that can't be done.

Wheelchair Avatars can stay in their wheelchairs for everything...kart racing, brawling, Crash Course style games, you name it. Drift in a wheelchair, why not! If a gamer uses a horse as a prop...that horse will be in the race instead of a kart! If they use a skateboard, that skateboard will be what they use for the kart race! Bikes and motorcycles as well!The game wouldn't take itself so serious that it would be anything good animation and crafty design couldn't overcome. All clothing and most props that you can use should make it into the game.

Purrfection276d ago

How many $2 hats has Major Nelson bought?