Grand Theft Auto IV Remains The Most Important GTA

Game Informer: I grew up in the era when Grand Theft Auto was basically contraband. In 2003, my friends and I pitched in to buy a copy of Vice City and shared it amongst one another, out of the eyesight of our parents, who had all been worked into a fearful frenzy by articles in USA Today about the game’s prostitution and violent propensities. Grand Theft Auto wasn’t just a game to us but was a central part of our adolescence, the kind of all-caps MATURE thing we experienced as an act of rebellion as much as a fun doodad to pass the time.

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Smokehouse977d ago

Probably my least favorite. I think the that realistic animation and rag doll they invested in paid off big time. Euphoria I think it was. GTA4 was the training wheels to implementing those systems and I didn’t like it especially in the cars. The amount of chase missions in gta4 is probably why it’s my least favorite. It was an important game that lead to their current games though and I respect that, it was new stuff and RDR2 looks great.

TheColbertinator977d ago

Game Informer editors must be too young to remember GTA Vice City or even San Andreas

jznrpg977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

Meh , opinions and aholes we all have them . Why so many people need to share opinions (as fact) is beyond me , glad we all don’t share .... I am not a big GTA person admittedly but 4 was the probably the least interesting to me .

Bathyj977d ago

3 is without a doubt the most important game not only in the series but in open world gaming. Damn kids these days.

bloop977d ago

My first night with GTA 3 is still my favourite gaming memory of all time. That game was just mind blowing when it first released.

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