PS4 Exclusive Project Judge Gets Tons of 1080p Screenshots Showing Fighting, New Characters, & More

Sega released a ton of 1080p screenshots of the upcoming action game Project Judge showing its battle system, some characters, and much more.

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OpenGL6d ago

As a big fan of Yakuza, I can't wait.

Monkeycan86d ago

The Combat is so much faster than Yakuza's. I actually think it is more fun as a game.

OpenGL6d ago

Glad to hear it, I can't wait.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi6d ago

This game looks so old school. I want.

CrimsonWing696d ago

I will continue to support you Sega!

BlacKJesu55d ago

This is funny being a fps this the Call of duty effect but for shenmue