First Person Shooter Made In Dreams PS4 and More

"In the logic packed sequel to Made By The Molecules, comes Made By The Molecules 2 back by popular demand! This stream certainly took many by surprise after getting a look around INSIDE the cover art for Dreams in the game. Check out a first person shooter made in Dreams PS4 and more." - ImpSpace

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THC CELL11d ago

Half life 3 coming soon from a dreams community also p. T and many many more games

subtenko11d ago

Did you see when Alex Evans said they made it in the game? Jokes or not, its gonna happen regardless lol

Kurisu11d ago

I can see why this game is taking so long to release. It's like Inception: A game within a game within a game. It looks so deep. Honestly, I'm not that creative. Christ, it took me far too long to make two terribly mediocre levels in LBP, let alone trying to wrap my head around creating stuff in this. It'll be interesting to see what the community come up with, though! Also I want to know more about how PSVR will be supported for this.

Apocalypse Shadow11d ago

Same here. If I end up creating something for vr, I want to see how it could be done from one of the developers.

rainslacker10d ago

l'll get it for the user content. I'm not good with the art stuff....although I know some people who are, so maybe I can work with them and come up with something.

Rimeskeem11d ago

This is the first game that has actually stayed on my radar since it's inception in like 2014. Everytime they show it it is something new and looks fun, even the creation part looks fun (I am awful at that sort of stuff). Waiting for this game.

THC CELL11d ago

Ya going to see some scary good stuff, when you go back to lbp u should see some of the commitment people put into some levels

I've played dreams and it was addictive good and again
Games you dreamed of is coming
Half life 3 dreams addition is coming
Vib ribbon
Remakes and remix of every game l but mmos

Developers will be trying this game and ya will be seeing games created on dreams on psn store

blacktiger10d ago

Same here, never ever a game I waited this long, not even Cyberpunk 2077 which I'm still not excited.

AizenSosuke10d ago

Anything can be created with Dreams :)

Lynx020710d ago

Should "Dreams" still be consider a game? Isn't it rather a gamemaking software or an engine?

Nitrowolf210d ago

It’ll have a story and everything tied to it

You are right at the same time though

Lynx020710d ago

Oh, good to know, thank you for the info. I didn't know that it'll have a story.
I'm not interested in the game because I'm not creative enough but It really could be one of the most amazing (no)game on PS4.

Forn10d ago


You should remain interested in it for the sake of playing dozens of other people's games that are created with it.

subtenko10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Yes because the people at shows have been playing the games including a story mode part and not making anything

Btw you don't have to be creative to get this game. Millions of people didnt make anything and played all the games on LBP. Then many others also did not create levels but goofed of in sandbox mode.

Its almost like not getting grab just because of the rockstar editor.

Or think of it like this, are you an actor? If not and you have played charades, why? Cuz its fun :)

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The story is too old to be commented.